Time Locked?

Now without going into great details a very big issue for the vast majority of people is that they are time locked.  The concept to borrow one from Dr Who is like the battle of the Time Lords versus the Daleks, where to save the rest of the Universe The Doctor has supposedly locked them into some alternate type dimension where they can continue battle whilst the rest of the Universe considers both Time Lords and Daleks to be extinct like the dinosaurs perhaps, only surviving through generations of past down legend and stories, and of course the time drifting appearances of the central character.

For us as individuals a time lock might be the sports team that we support through thick and thin and would never bet against in our lives and so on.  The problem of course is that when you got into being a religiously passionate fan of this subject or that subject or team or wherever you are personally struggling with time-lock you were likely young unwashed behind the ears, brain washed by family or social political groups and so on.

So here you are many years later and you are using technologies that are cutting you free from all these various assorted time-locks and you can see that you perhaps have a family and responsibilities that even though you feel free of still require some juggling with the new course or direction that you desire your life to take.

Can you support this team and bet against them, I know that I personally do, but that is because I prefer money in the bank that can pay bills and put food in my belly.  An alternative of course can simply to bet on any kind of fixtures that you are personally non-plussed or neutral about.  That is likely a better easy early solution, because you do not pull so hard on the biases that you have learnt or had for a lifetime.  So pick a sport or team that you are genuinely completed non-plussed about and then see if your selection skills improve.  Likewise try to stay detached or non dependant on outcomes, I can happily test these kinds of theories online with a 0.10 pence bet here and there that I am okay about being without, the greater the sum you place the more you are becoming attached to outcomes, if you know that you can have a big strike it lucky type win and then walk away then that is great.  Unfortunately many addictions are mental and people will delusionally think they are on a roll or streak and then go and lose the gains.  My advice each time you gain take back as much as you can and start from the small again.  It can take longer, but short term death defying gambles prove nothing when you get past the age of thirty and realise you have to think more long haul, you can think long haul at any age but when ou hit these various milestones they do become re-inforced somewhat.

So clear the time locks set your course and ACTION 🙂

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