Whose Strategy Is It Anyway?

Now some folks say ‘what is the point in putting forward these pie in the sky ideas’ such as the feathers model I outlined a few days ago.  Well it does tend to expose the bullshitting emperors somewhat.  I.E.  They are given ideas and then they sit on them in protection of the we cannot afford model within their own noggin, or change and reinterpret them just enough to make it there own.

When you have a parent company with deep pockets, it does not matter that you as a local outlet of that company cannot afford to make the investment, because they very likely can somewhere within the Global Empire.  When that happens and the technology development takes place all the knock on costs will come down and then in 10, 20, 30 years you if you have managed to turn things around and keep going may very well be able to afford these technologies.  The problem of course is one that affects most folks in the sense that we have to have a solution now.

The other problem for anyone trying to create and put these ideas into practice is of course scaleability.  Scaleability of a model in a laboratory to an industrial plant can be easy, yet it can also be tough.  Do you take the Henry Ford attitude of making it up as you go along.  Would we have all the modern TV’s and CD’s and technologies if Companies such-as Phillips and Sony had said “We can’t afford it!”.  They simply ploughed money into research and development and when they hit pay dirt, lived off of the patent monies for ever and a day.

Of course there are those who are determined to fight against the future and fight in a die hard fashion, and we see and hear these people all the time trying to pigeon anyone and everyone but themselves into some kind of attackable group.

And very often it is the folks who have strived for peace who wind up baring the personal cost.  Winston Churchill is a typical example of this in that whilst he led a coalition Government during war-time Britain, the population was not going to really give him any kind of a throw of the dice in a peacetime Government.

If we all have varying degrees or levels of consciousness and awareness we cannot trult know what is going on inside the mind of others.  How much of my unconscious detritus have I personally cleared out compared to this other individual over there.  I think that anyone who (in a female case) is not running around trying to sell her eggs and (in a male case) not desperately running around trying to sell sperm has advanced beyond the lowest models.  Of course some folks think that they can only be a man or women in continuously living by that model regardless of conscious awareness, I personally think it quite sad and usually a sign of over compensation for other issues when folks live by these models of existence.  Very often people who are supposedly in Happy long term commitment’s are very often the worst offenders and very often the worst muck spreaders about singletons also.  I am unhappy so I’ll ruin someone else’s life with lies and bullshit and slander when I know nothing of them seems to be the unconscious model that they excel in.

Well I had my first gift today through the post, a very nice personalised T-Shirt complete with name and year of birth and it is pretty damned cool, so I might just use it as a template for a whole line of Dave S Perkins wear hmmn.

Wednesday and I missed the market, no matter it will return on Saturday no doubt and I might just look for the American Lady selling mint chocolate chip ice-cream flavoured Wrigley’s Extra gum which I do not mind telling is one of the best flavoured gum that I have ever placed in my mouth and wish that we could get more of such products in the UK.  The Harry Potter Bertie Botts beans are however most definitely to be avoided though (daughter bought and offered myself some) my ability to choose the most disgusting of flavours was second to none and you really do have to spit them out, I cannot believe someone thought them a good idea, think Jelly Bean sweets that are genuinely and truly the most revolting flavours possible and you get the idea, they are the sort of thing you might put in someone else’s sweet mix but never your own, yuck.

Right enough from the only sane brain in the World

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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