Other Issues With Patterns

Now as I have said on multiple occasions everything here is data and everything here is a pattern of one sort or another, the reason I say that is because it can be very easy to take everything I say as some massive personal attack or otherwise depending on how conscious you as an individual are.

I have been thinking about the issue of mentally or bodily “TRAPPED” anger recently and have been thinking of ways I can better explain such things, unfortunately it is never as simple as  some of us would like to think.  For instance I know that I have a high threshold and having also done a lot of releasing on many areas, I can be more extreme and fascist or seemingly mental than other folks because I am not very reactive to triggers that others folks are reactive too,  IE I can out scum the scum or out Hitler Hitler or out Santa Santa,

these things are all CHOICES as opposed to Trigger Reactions, and when you know that many folks whilst saying one thing always react or act in another you sometimes have to push their buttons to make them see.  Some folks often like to think that they have this role or that role that separates them from the rest yet closer inspection as to whom they hang about with and social groupings reveals a very different story.  It is like the judge being brought in to try a case being the best of mates with the defendants at break times.  The person is so COMPLIANT with a view of the World that they may as well be christened THE PATRON SAINT OF HOOP JUMPERS.  


So going back a little, imagine that the spherical World is placed into a cube box and that this box has been divided into four quadrants.  These four quadrants contain opposing lists.  For instance imagine that when the UK list is the November Autumn list, each of the other Quadrants contains a November list that is relative to the quadrant that you are personally living or working from, but a season in one part of the World is not the season of the Whole World.  The distance to the Sun and Moon are different, each quadrant has its own Star map at any given time and date also.  So all these little differences can overtime become massive issues for you as an individual who has not done the releasing work and has not raised there threshold.

Generally awareness of the patterns and quadrants and so on can lead to your own personal healing, releasing of angers and so on, the problem comes for many people because they are running through auto-pilot compliance’s with the way the World is, and those compliance’s are very often to things or people who are not attuned to these higher processes, you might liken it to the blind leading the blind.

So this type of idea can also apply or be used on the scaleability issue.  Once you have a regional map that works well and you have done the further releasing, the map can be scaled to become a greater region and greater still, until eventually you have a scaleable map that not only encompasses all that can be encompassed but is empowering from wherever you as an individual are.  

So instead of fighting triggers and non compliance

You could be asking the mental questions as to why that non-compliance is happening and why you are personally feeling triggered, it is very easy for instance for folks to think of myself as a focal point for a lot of this material because I have put the work in, yet I know that I cannot best serve myself by having myself as a focal point so who does Dave S Perkins have as a focal point, I know that I can use any number of individuals who took up these technologies on my recommendation yet they  very often run a mile at the thought that I might want to use there own input or perspective.  And those that are non-plussed either way are very often not working from a map that is compliant or compatible with my own.  So I have to pick and choose and combine and study to get any kind of a direction.  

It has worked for myself in doing the clearing of trauma and releasing work and raising threshold, but it has not worked in improving my own potential for continued existence, it is like dropping thousands of little crosses and being lumbered with one bloody gigantic cross bearing an associated stigma all of its own.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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