Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes And Greetings

And if I did not return an expected kiss or put a smiley on my response you can have one now 🙂 xxx 🙂 xxx  

It was early in the morning and I was in a rush to bed following another gruelling shift, It is not easy being a minger but I am at an age now where I can just about not compete.

Now I have to find a new now what um,ooh ooh ooh, whilst I previously mentioned my grandfather Jack I have said little of my Aunt Jackie my fathers older sister, she was married to my now deceased uncle Jim, and it was they prior to my own arrival in the World who emigrated to Australia hence my having three Australian cousins who have probably all been living in the UK now far longer than there place of birth.  They’ll have to do a Cilla or the Beatles and become professional Aussies like the aforementioned are professional scousers having never set foot in the place for god knows how many years.

So what else well if I am honest I do not know a great deal about my Aunty and Uncle’s and cousins lives, you might say that my grandparents were a hub or focal point for others among the family so when they passed on the family focal point was lost somewhat, especially as we were all quite spread out around the Country anyway.  I know that my own folks have tended to stay in touch but I am not.

What else can be said today well I was going to say at some stage lets play “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” and then on further recall of that particular movie I remembered who it was who actually wound up being out scoundrel’d so a new version shall have to be developed to suit the modern era, yes sounds like a plan to me.  

I also found myself buying a Guardian newspaper today which I have yet to have a scan through but I can rest assured that no one saw me buying it.  An article on the front caught my eye-something about bookies being used for money laundering activities, probably not the sort of money laundering that triggered my own interest in the article yet it was enough to make me part with the price on the cover.

I have too much time and too little direction such has been my concentrated focus on clearing the crap out of my system these last couple of years, I hope anyone who followed the path I laid out for them can see the greater benefits to continued usage of the technologies and so on, and if not  then you have probably made that choice as opposed to exposing yourself to real reality.

I have not slept today either so may well wind up having one of those afternoon naps that the Spanish and old people have Siesta is it called? 

Thank you for reading, God Bless and if your system does not work for you change your system  🙂

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