Is It Not Time To Ditch The Red Poppies?

Shock horror this is an outrage goes up the cry, but I have not explained what I mean.  Once upon a time the Red Poppy and collection was introduced to raise money for veterans of the conflicts known as World War I and World War II, however very few numbers of ACTUAL genuine veterans from those conflicts remain, is it not time to introduce differing colours for differing conflicts, so we can pick and choose where our donations go?  

No? well that is your choice but whilst as a child if someone said I fought in a war for the likes of you I would be generous in showing a little respect, even though most of them were conscripts who were given zero choice,TIMES HAVE CHANGED, the British army at least has not had conscription for many years and most of the conflicts our forces were involved in were politically  motivated rather than necessary (very often beyond testing new weapons in actual warfare).

Everyone who joins the military is acting out of choice (not conscription) and the difference is a very big one in my opinion. We have companies who sell insurance and pensions for the forces and the idea that they genuinely need donating to is questionable, it is akin to saying ‘I pissed all my wages that I could not spend whilst on duty, up against the wall when on leave and because of my pissing of all my wages up against the wall, I need you to bail me out”

Forces pay is of course another issue, but huge amounts of the lifestyle stuff is SUBSIDIZED, so I guess it can come as a shock when leaving the forces, that not everyone has a subsidized life.  Of course we all mostly know the fast track ways to having a subsidized non-forces life, as we are forever being reminded of these things in the press.

I personally respect the forces in many of the ways people are taught and trained yet unfortunately they do have long standing issues at all levels (not just the rank and file) that do seemingly have trouble disappearing.


So tomorrow at 11 I will likely have a minutes silence, for the deceased among my own family who were conscripted and forced to die and for those that served and survived but have since passed on, will I be thinking beyond the scope of my own experience and knowledge, well patterns come and patterns go and some grab your attention until you deal with them and others not.  this is why I generally do not publish beyond this blog because it is easy to upset folks who are not necessarily attuned to various things, and I can personally do with not being dragged into someone else’s internal conflict, beyond saying try this technology it can change the way you see the World.

So what is going on ‘ere then yes some folks are so busy doing that when they are not doing they are lost, others are busy not doing and are so busy not doing that when made to do they are lost and then others can just write any old drivel they like and publish it and then see if it actually makes any difference in the World whatsoever.  Legend in my own mind – nope, cleverer than others – nope, attuned to winning – nope, levels of personal inner peace very often thought unnattainable YES, and that is why ALL IS CHOICE, you can do all these technologies I recommend and not have one iota of inner peace, it is simply the direction you as an individual have chosen to take.  

Well enough from me on this day of the dead.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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