That Screaming Pain

So there I was bored out of my brains on a Sunday afternoon wondering how I could fill an hour or two of my time.  I have recently found myself under siege from a web serving company demanding renewal of payment for domain names and so on.  Really the web site and address they were wanting payment for was not worth anything given the lack of development that I put into it.

What could I do to remedy the situation?  Well if I have to pay for a site then I have to update and improve it and build it up somewhat and rather than craft a super-duper designer site I decided to simply use tools and technologies provided by the Company.  You might say it serves as a demonstration that you do not have to have any technical knowledge whatsoever to throw a website up and if you want earn yourself some money it is very easy using the website builder tools provided.

So has now been updated after 3 years languishing with a title and a poem and very little of interest to any reader.  So where does the screaming pain of the title come in you may ask?

Well I decided to make the site somewhat la-di-da so anyone visiting it now will likely feel a need to scream or laugh depending on how advanced you personally are with the recommended technologies.

My own screaming pain came when testing access to the website, you might say that I have multiple gadgets that I can access differing websites and so on from.  Despite my very best efforts one or two of my gadgets simply refuse to access the website as it is now all sparkly and so on.  The issue seems to be one of clearing the data cache on these gadgets and also waiting for the rest of the internet to actually catch up with the changes.  IE multiple World Wide servers have back-ups of the old site that they are still showing whilst the better servers are already displaying the new site.

So I will likely do some more changing and playing around with these things to see what the very best optimizations I can create actually are.  Whilst I enjoy writing this blog I might add a blog to the other site also just to see what sort of feedback is given if any.  It is actually very strange that anyone anywhere can give feedback on these blogs using pseudo names and so on yet all I usually see in the tools are information on how much junk spam I am receiving.  So if you are someone who has tried to comment or post, allow me to apologise now as I was likely unaware that comments had been made.

Of course interaction is not 100% necessary as feedback is all around us and that is what having choice is all about.  This blog is very easy for myself to turn commercial were I wanting to build some kind of empire, but that is not why I started this blog.

This blog is just an exercise in Flow and commentary and so on as to the thoughts feelings emotions of a day to day living experience or existence. Do have a look at the link and have a scream if you get the new site or scream if you get the old site.

Thank you for reading, God bless and Be Well 🙂

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