So Why Make That Investment?

Now many Website domain Companies offer very attractive package deals for registering Websites and domains, if you are using a free blog site such as word press then you can rst easy as you sleep in your bed at night.

However some of the Websites domains can potentially become problematic, for instance my silvertoevelocity website costs me money, and it was not actually making myself any money, so you might say it is simply placing myself in a state of negative equity or debt.

the other problem with the site, is that according to the associated analytics it was getting several hundred so-called hits each month, were I being business minded or clever I could have started adding links that would make myself money simply through being clicked and so on, so that is a possible option that I may introduce in the future.

So I have effectively created my own paradoxical dilemma, a site is not making me money, but it is linked to myself through my usage of it in various forums and so on so I cannot let it go safely in the knowledge that some shark or otherwise might snap it up, I am seemingly indelibly linked to the site without any clue as to how I can turn it into a profitable tangible asset.

yes I can become a profiteering mercenary perhaps but I do like to think of myself as having some level of ethics or other positive qualities hidden away under my layers of defences, working as I do in an environment where the sympathetic resonance vibrations are not in any kind of deep alignment with my own is a long term issue that is unlikely to disappear.  I can know that whilst my own resonance ha changed as has the resonance of folks who followed myself in the use of the recommended technologies, there will forever be a hard core of individuals in this circle of life that we all of us have to live work and play through who are only too ready to bring anyone and everyone else around them down.

The season of dilemma’s and paradox’s seems to be where the World is currently at and I as usual will need to start thinking on how ~I can change or influence and benefit from the circumstances that I find myself in.

I see we are entering into the run up to Christmas and Doctor Who Special’s and Children in Need and International Sporting competitions being held on irregular days of the week and all sorts of slicing and dicing of the calendar as we know it, have you decided which new console direction you will be heading to the shops to buy?  Will the new generation of Watches be going on your wrist this Chistmas?  What are the must have’s and where am I going to find the money’s appearing in your life?

Whist autumn may have officially started earlier in the year, it does seem now that we have had a somewhat brief Autumn that is going to be heading into a new version of THE WINTER OF DISCONTENT.  Is providing content the answer, or is clearing out content the answer, well I think I will be adding some content in some places and removing content elsewhere, yet that is a choice decision for better health and personal development and growth for myself rather than being guided by the naysayers and hatchet men who are likely to be returning to competitive misery.

well enough from myself today,

thank you for reading and remember nothing is as it seems so if you have difficulty with what I say here you may just be in need or benefit from the technology recommendations that I will forever and a day repeatedly make. god Bless and Be Well 🙂

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