Dear Dave…

Dear Dave

Every time I go to visit I see something different, I wish you would make up your bloody mind, I do not know whether to slander you, appreciate you or scream at my own inability to know how to proceed, WHY ALL THE CHANGES?

Mongo Penfried

Hi Mongo

I have absolutely know idea of what you are talking about, whilst admittedly I have tested several preset templates the ACTUAL DATA is fairly consistent or the same, maybe you are seeing what you personally want to see instead of the underlying reality that gives everything shape and form and so on.  It is akin to the sympathetic vibrational resonance that I spoke of, in a manner of speaking.  the underlying patterns or data or however you wish to describe these things are always in always the same, yet the way in which you necessarily see it or relate to it is different.  This is why I generally do not go around shooting my mouth off at people, they do say that what goes around comes around and I know far to many people who have been adversely effected to want to contribute to those kind of choices.  I prefer to be pragmatic in saying ‘hey guys and gals this works, TRY IT FOR YOURSELVES and see if you get the same results, personal progress with these technologies is taken at the speed at which you personally want to progress, I have tried many of the learning strategies stuff for instance, and those that I felt I benefitted from I used that little bit more than the others, when one modality has seemingly run out of steam at some point I switch to another to see if further breakthroughs are possible.  So I push myself with one system then switch then switch back I have found that I can combine a little bit of everything but not necessarily in the order that I would have naturally chosen, the so called layers of repressions or shames and guilt and fears and so on are not necessarily held in the same manner in every individual, for instance as I said previously on multiple occasions I have broken multiple joints and bones during my lifetime and those sorts of ‘captured’ traumas can be tougher to deal with or work through than your average cardiovascular cold or flu symptoms.  Everyone has what might be called shared data patterns but the outlying templates differ.  I hope that helps and yes I will stop messing around with I decided that given the lack of experimentation or effort with it, I should make some greater accelerated progresses, that requires looking through the available templates and genuinely choosing patterns that perhaps better reflect myself rather than patterns that reflect others, if it was a hard core commercial sales site then I might model it for others with that principle in mind, but I prefer to find and work from more  neutral territory.  I know some folks even with the tech’s obsessively play what might be described as hard ball games-I personally get concerned when I see that because whilst it might not be doing them any harm it could be causing harm to friends family and people they encounter in general, it again is a case of these paradox’s where you cannot do right by people or cannot do wrong by people simply do what you feel is right for you and if that is to do so then let it be so.

If you wind up triggering yourself then take the opportunity to do the self questioning as to where those thoughts feelings and emotions are happening or arising in your own Spiritual Being-ness and do some releasing, but do not expect to have done all the releasing you can in any given area because the layer upon layer stuff does seem to be true, and getting to old long lost traumas in your noggin does seemingly take some time even with the meditation and even if you have rushed through the early levels as I did.

I hope the new look of the other site has a more rounded appeal and yes I will likely make further changes, but they are unlikely to be as drastic as some of the earlier template changes we have seen, things such-as linking in a blog and finding more technologies that I can recommend and so on, the options available can take some time to plough through and experiment with but I think long term, it is a case of just keep going and adding stuff as I see fitting the doctrines and teachings of the respective audience.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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