Oh Dear what Can The Matter Be

Have you ever found that know matter what decision or direction you personally take in your life someone somewhere else has beaten you to the punchline?

Of course in a World of 7 billion people, the likely hood of multiple people having the same thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas is of course going to be endemic unless you have personally developed ways, means and strategies that ensure that no matter what happens you are not at the centre of controversy or someone else’s drama that you know nothing about.

I saw a quote somewhere recently taken from someone who was standing in a audition queue for a new Disney Movie (speculated to be the Next Generation Star Wars movies, Disney having recently bought the billion dollar rights from George Lucas and his own sprawling yet somewhat disorganised  business conglomerates).

The quote ran something along the lines of “It is really difficult to break into a career in acting”, the young lady in question obviously does not understand that it is what she has been doing her entire life, and that perhaps the best remedy in that sort of scenario can be to create your own roles, write your own plays and drama rather than rely on trying to break into someone else’s circle, you create your own.  Whilst we all have day to day living costs, I am quite sure that anyone can find time to sit down with a pen and pad and simply write and then write some more, yes I have been fortunate in finding or joining up with the empires that I haphazardly stumbled into yet that would never of happened if I had not kept going and kept going I did even when I did not have any desire or want or however you are wanting to express these things.

Do I miss writing my poetry and riddles and so on, yes I do to a certain extent but like lyrical composition there is very little money to be made in that manner, and the so called back catalogue of that work will likely survive through its having been written in the first place.

So what could I do in this day and age, well the self publishing and self promotion is of course by now where you all know it is at, you write your own blog, start your own business or publishing or wherever you want to direct your all new and improved abilities.

Now I have done a SilvertoeVelocity Mark II website for instance I could simply go from forum to forum with some anonymous name giving that link as part of a by line of some description and I would invite my regular readers to do the same, post the link and be damned to eternity as they say, it costs nothing and might just save someone’s life.

Having now had the new look for a few days I do of course have to decide on tweaking’s and whether or not I really do like the layout and overall image that is presented, do I do more comedy, do I go more serious, did I not consider that the logo looks like it is somewhere over the rainbow and that is of course is for the la-di-da’ and not regular persons such as myself, though of course some say meditation, tapping, now are all la-di-da things before rushing off to believe some la-di-da soap opera or sporting event.

Yes you can see where all the dilemma’s are at but then given that most of the scientific technologies are already copyrighted unless some new developments happen whereby you can put two and two together to start yourself, you are stuck in the land of la la.

Maybe binaural beats have had there day and I could go into my own father’s recording studio and create a next generation technology, the problem is of course that I have not got the relevant experience, yes I can go over the courses I have already pay’d for like a fine tooth comb but it seems to myself that the World really is ready for a new technology, most that I have seen and heard of have gone backwards towards modalities such-as hypnosis and whilst there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, I really do think some thing wonderful is about to revolutionise and accelerate the processes, why have to work through level after level, alternate cd or mp3 if some way can be found to include a dive, an immersion an alpha, theta, delta, gamma state and more such-as the mind stim technology that I think has been under utilised, so can Bill shock us all with a next generation mind stim, I think that is the area where something new can be used to  accelerate all these processes, I might just suggest it to him, but I have a feeling he is probably already ahead of me every step of the way as he has been consistently these last three years and of course as has Mr Photoreader Paul Scheele whose own Paraliminal technology is seemingly coming into its own.

What can I do to better integrate all these learnings, teachings, technologies into a Seal Photo Technology that does not require saying silver toe in a funny voice or accent, hmmn.

The other thing of course is that the Name of The Consultant Who Operated On My Dead Carcus aged 17 was none other than Mr Vic Seal Orthopaedic Surgeon To This Legend In His Own Lifetime.  Thank You For The Resurrection Mr Seal.

So Do You Wish Upon A Star

One Day I May Know Of Who You Are

Until that day Presents Itself

Thank you for reading god Bless and Be Well 🙂

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