and I Now Pronounce You, Sorry What

Now some of you are seemingly curious as to where Dave S Perkins came up with the name Mongo, well it is actually the name of a character from a very funny classic Mel Brookes film entitled Blazing Saddles.

The premise of the film was that some railroad makers wanted some land for there railroad in a small local town (for local people) and in order to cause them to get the land they corruptly appointed someone that the locals would hate.

You can of course substitute the prejudice and said cause of prejudice to any given person or environment using the scaleability idea that I mentioned previously and of course templates, whilst I have mentioned templates in terms of vibrational resonance, you might say that most folks (who are suffering or have suffered in some way) are working from perhaps identifying with the map when as we who have all progressed somewhat know that “The Map Is Not The Territory!”

Yes of course I will be more than happy to perform the ceremony performed in one of my many guises and names and am patiently waiting for my invite, in the meantime you can pass on this message to your partner “Dave says to relax, be calm, for when you marry your mistress you create a vacancy”.

So I hope that resolves the conflict of the title, and we can get to the party, which of course is always the best part, I of course only married once up until this point in time, and would I go through the ceremony again, actually despite outward appearances and strange claims by others I would get married again, yes I would, the problem of course is finding a special someone you can be happy with over a longer period of time, I think if a couple has been together a few years then that perhaps demonstrates that they can survive together longer, or not as the case may be.

Many folks perhaps stay together for all the wrong reasons usually financial, and again I think that the potential financial freedom that can be gained through the technologies I recommend is worth making that expenditure for, okay so I have had a hard couple of years financially, but now I am perhaps in a better position in my own mind thoughts feelings etc. to not be taking actions through having too, or feeling like emotional blackmail is being applied.

So here we are at the end of the week, and I have very little to say, that is worth listening to but this blog is simply again an outlet for the thoughts feelings and so on that I find myself encountering.  The build up to Christmas is always a “Lets get engaged at Christmas” type scenario where suddenly millions of one half of the relationship are feeling pressurised and somewhat squashed in there comfort zone.

today is apparently Children In Need, another pronouncement of CIN or SIN of course, strange how you can go for yours and years without noticing these kinds of little details, but that’s life, that’s what people say or as the beautiful South suggested TIS THE SEASON OF SQUABBLING LADIES

there is an explicit version of that song available that you can find by typing in the title.

Enough from Mr Single and Broke but available to a good woman for today

Thank you for Reading, god Bless and Be Well 🙂

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