Rolling Rolling Rolling Rawhide

A song unknown to the youth of today of course yet to earlier generations it will trigger memories of a young Clint Eastwood going about his cowboy duties in a Western Serial of the same name.  My own first encounter with the song came about through another comedy entitled “The Blues Brothers”, Jake and Elwood known as the Blues Brother are putting there old Blues band back together, and along the Journey they pretend to be another very different type of Band called The Good Ol’ Boys

Of course if only I could fine tune my own intuition and understanding of “The map is not the territory!” i could become very rich and wealthy.  I think the issue was that I was perhaps too closely attached to the desired outcomes and relevant issues to be able to see clearly intially so I stopped looking at the sports and betting stuff.  

If only I had been able to see the Nazi c hile in chile I would have known England were going to lose the football.  If only I had put two and two together on the Blazing saddles clip I might have known England were going to lose the Rugby. I guess that is the way the cookie crumbles for some of us and why it can likely be far more rewarding to not spread oneself so thinly across all the multifarious sports available.

Getting your own internal intuitions going for yourself and then staying in the so-called Zone is supposed to be where these technologies are all about, yet I do find myself stuttering along like a Tourrettes sufferer who has not emptied enough past trauma, perhaps the new Paraliminal Bundle will drop me into Superman Levels of Genius yet the only way I can know that is of course to make the purchase and part with more cash, are they worth it, well I do tend to think that these guys are building on learnings already learned and enhancing there own technologies and capabilities as time progresses, you might say that that is what feedback is all about and they do have many millions contributing the so-called feedback.

I now need to call out “Right Turn Clyde” giving it the full Clint Eastwood Back to the Future impression of Michael J Fox.  One of the last memories that I can recall from that time period was one of the Tesco Managers greasing me up, by telling me how much I looked like Michael J Fox, I did strangely enough model myself on that sort of look for a while and do have the pictures to prove it, however what really rubbed the grease was that the Manager was an Indian guy, and it was akin to that World famous gaff of Prince Phillip’s where he had said all these Chinese look the same to me or something like that.  It was actually amusing and I did not take offence, at least consciously, though I can now perhaps reflect on the possible inversions of any prejudices and non-conscious stereo typing that I may have encountered during my younger years and so on.

Of course living as I do in a predominant type of backwards cultured town of inbreds you are going to find it impossible to go unnaffected, unless you go and hide in a monastery of some description.  I did actually spend some time working at Belmont Abbey and can fully understand the appeal of those kind of environments, it was an exceptionally pleasant place to be where you could look out the Window and see rabbits and fox’s and robin’s and wildlife that you are unaccustomed too all year round, a very strange Eco-system perhaps but one that is obviously created by the tradition of those sorts of peoples and so on.  Or MAYBE a RESULT of the Vibrational Resonance that I have spoken of.

I was thinking about this issue because we are all aware come Christmas time that people very often make there once a year visit to Church, and many of those kind of buildings are built to create certain types of acoustics. This is why you will from type to time hear about bands complaining of acoustics in stadia and so on because every environment has its own.  Anyway a possible solution to changing your own Sonic’s and Acoustics might be to simply find some cathedral Recorded Choir Music of some description.  I do not make any promises or claims as to the effects (if any) you experience, but acoustic methodologies are very much at the forefront of getting those changes, breakouts and so on. The music Industry and associated building technologies all take these sorts of things into account.  Sydney Opera House perhaps a World famous example of a building that was specifically designed for Acoustics above and beyond other considerations.

Well I hope all are enjoying there respective Weekends, I am working on my own intuitions and so on, but I do find the more I explore my own History the more clearance I get such as my reference to the Orthopaedic Consultant Mr Seal the other day, I earlier had written SilvertoeVelocity Mark II, and later thought ooh a Bible reference, so I gave it a quick web search and hey presto Mark II very much related to my own experience with Mr Seal.

So intuition, intuition, intuition, rolling rolling rolling rawhide, through all wind and weather hell bent for leather…

Thank you for reading and go explore those dark recesses of your own relative Histories, you may just get those realizations you have been wanting.God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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