A Sharp Spike In November Perhaps

I am a little unsure as to be what I might be expecting to see at the current time.  Yes whilst I have put a lot of work in over the last few years, much of that was through sticking doggedly to particular courses of action and so on.  As those of you who followed myself into using these tech’s know you do have to put a certain amount of work in if you want to genuinely get the changes you want.  However some things or attitudes really do need to drop away for some people or at the very least not play such hardball games of black and white right and wrong and so on.

We all of us for instance know what the seasonal weather patterns are in our own particular parts of the World, we also know that differing Countries have differing laws on a broad range of subjects and topics, when you look at a larger Country (for instance) the United States or Russia they literally have multiple time zones running through there Country’s and they also have local jurisdictional type government that are accountable for regional law depending on how the map is broken up and state or jurisdiction boundaries are made qt any given time.

Here in the UK for instance, parliamentary boundaries get reviewed and changed every few years in order to keep a balance of the population counts in any given region, unfortunately from time to time one or other of the parties refuses to play ball with the system and that skewers the representations of the respective numbers and figures, as we all know, the Labour party tends to have its main audience in the industrial Cities and towns whilst the Conservatives tend to appeal more to the SHIRES and Country folks and so on. The Liberals until recent years, had spent a hundred or more years in the Political Wilderness, The original parliamentary groups that formed were generally the Tories versus the Whigs (Liberals) and it was only after WWII that the Labour Party came into being and it was the Liberals that got knocked out of the running, something that they have never recovered from. So the make-up of all the modern political parties is actually very different from what it was when they were formed.

Why all this Political talk of boundaries and time zones and stuff the adult audience know all about and why a title suggesting a sharp spike in November, well from my own current level of awareness I am thinking that we are entering a season where if you were using a gieger counter you would see the needle swinging wildly from left to right and the volume would be screaming somewhat haphazardly as though you are standing over a very large radioactive element, likewise you can substitute my Geiger counter for a metal detector and the same actions or reactions for striking GOLD.

So perhaps some people amongst the 7 Billion World population are having realisations, and others are resisting all attempts to be led to those realisations and very likely experiencing pain of some sort and so on.

As I have said on multiple occasions, I cannot know what is going on in the Hearts and minds of others, all I can do is say, well I experienced this effect, try it for yourself and see if you get the same experience, however good we all of us think our current map is, there does always seem to be a new level that can be achieved, when you just keep going.  So expect some wild twisting and turning and strange weather patterns and new elements and oil and gold strikes and all the rest of these types of things in the news.

I think we are entering into breakout zones, where people who have felt somewhat caged for many years have dug that hole through the wall with a spoon or however you want to describe such things, the popular prisoner of wartime escape movies spring to mind, likewise where Eagles Dare, and other Guns of Navarone making the impossible possible types of adventures.

For some these things might just be through the technologies and new consoles, for others actually participating in more activities.  The choice is to have the means available to make those choices and let whatever does not serve you fall away as they say.

This once again is just another write-up on what thoughts feelings etc. are currently running through my own particular noggin, and no responsibility is taken for any reactions or actions as to how others interpret, what they see and read here.  Your triggers and so on are in that place all of your own called your own mind and universe weather you believe yourself to be a Hologram or angel or spiritualist.

I think given that most people like to think of themselves as having a spiritual element, that is an area where we can see something new, spirituography perhaps or however one might try to bring the techs together into one all encompassing set of realisations and linking of realities.

Thank you for reading, if you can beat me to the punchline by all means give it your best shot, but beware the Ides Of March, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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