Whoa There Sales Rep Before You

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you seemingly find yourself under bombardment from Sales Offers?  Of course those who have been studying the cycles and patterns will have noticed that we can describe these things in peaks and troughs and that whilst you may be used to a continuous stream of offers and give me your money offers are all the rage in this day and age, I do notice or see the patterns emerging in the kinds of companies who are making these offers.

Are these things that important and is there a work around, well I am from my point of view writing this blog around teatime in the UK (Just after 6 pm Greenwhich Mean Time (GMT), the City I live in (Hereford) is actually 8 minutes behind GMT when the positional calculations are all done and dusted.  We never say to ourselves we are GMT-8 but these things are part of the sorts of knowledge you can use to get those breakthroughs.

Now you may have noticed I have gone off time and topic so returning to the Whoa there sales rep theme, the simple solution would be to practice my intuition, it is amazing how many folks have under utilized yet astounding intuitive abilities that they think are difficult to work to improve.  I can for instance say right I predict that I will have 10 new emails in this account, before opening the account to look, it does not matter if you are right and wrong so much as the practice and you can do this same practice with lots of things, you do it anyway non-consciously through old patterns and habits so the idea is that you can  repeatdly keep on bringing these things into your conscious awareness rather than reliance of older patterns and habits.  If your older patterns and habits worked for you anyway then think about how you can improve them some work, where can a progress or alternate perception be brought into use with this predicative capability I have.

So I am getting mails from certain types of companies that perhaps reflect the media resources and technologies that I have been using these recent years, I seemingly get added to or have my email addresses given to some strange peoples.  I do have clear out removing sessions where I say remove me from your list, yet do find that rather than remove they do a rotate to another rep, now I just ignore and stick to scanning for mail from my own preferred choice of distribution outlets and so on, I have no need to buy or work through courses and materials akin to those I have already bought and worked through, I really do sometimes think as I said a day or two ago, something of a genuine breakthrough is required, especially if you want my own personal attention.

This is not mean or nasty or anything akin to outright hostility, it is just that I have done the Tarot/Angel cards, I have done the Zodiac, I have done the signs and symbols and chinese versions and you might well say that I am lucky in that regard because having looked at all those materials prior to the tech’s I use, I am exceptionally difficult to please or sell anything too in the la-di-da stakes.  This again is the difference between having a level of life skills and a level of mastery, level of mastery is perhaps being able to take skills in your own uniqueness and apply those skills across sectors and swathes of understanding of all that is and all that can be and so on.  My own interest is being offered something that will improve my already significant capabilities and clearing out further detrius.

So I will not be buying from you today mr and miss sales rep, come back when you can give me something that I actually feel I want and need in my life right now.

Now I can strangely enough write multiple blogs with this site package that I have, so I am going to see what area I might right an alternative blog on, thisd day to day stuff does run out of steam to a certain extent because as an industrial slave labourer, the life pattern has wound into that ancient piece of music by Fatboy Slim “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” and that is simply not good enough.

Thank you for reading good luck in your lives and I hope things are improving for those that want improvements. 😉

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