Does Chaos Theory Really Work?

Now some folks are of course dead set about seeing anything wrong with themselves and they’re behaviours and built in attitudes and behaviours and of course as we grow older we often find ourselves in positions of playing Devil’s advocate.  The problem comes for many because of the glass description I gave previously where even when you might be trying to change your respective ways-you are putting new attitudes and behaviours on top of what is already in the so-called bottle.  The raising your threshold model is in my opinion perhaps the best solution in emptying the so-called bottle.

So chaos theory is this idea that a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the World and causes a typhoon or storm elsewhere.  You can of course apply the same logic to all sorts of scenario’s.  A White Supremacist is put to death in Missouri (US) and it pours with rains in Hereford (UK) or little Johnny fails to get his new XBOX one and half of Italy’s Sardinia gets floods and so on.

You might say that as everyone’s noggin is different you cannot know with certainty even after raising Threshold, what issues any individual has dealt with and what issues they have not can you?  Here is a link on Threshold or Liminality that makes for an interesting read for folks who are using Holosync/Paraliminals

The link provides some quite interesting idea’s and of course you can see that their are other subject topics that are inter-linked or inter-woven with the subject matter presented.  I think the area of research seems quite well documented and it is the reason why I’ll be having a zero tolerance attitude towards some peoples and there behaviours.

Everyone can and does always manage to find justifications for there behaviours, and when a societal group consensus exists towards some unacceptable behaviour it can be extremely dangerous for anyone wanting to make changes or anyone who complains about aforementioned behaviours.  (I may right more on this subject at a later time, but at present certain individuals on my shift in my place of work are walking a very fine line).

So anyone who reads the link I have given will see that an outline of stages of hreshold has been given, I have know idea how that compare’s with the outline given by Bill Harris on the Holosync blog but I might just go and have another look.

We are of course always subject to moving targets and patterns and which things we let go off and which things fall away and which things that should be let go of but are somewhat more difficult to shift remain.  So as my recent blog posts suggest we are deep in COWBOY AND:-

REDKNECK COUNTRY, who are the REDKNECKS AROUND YOU, THE CLOSET WHITE SUPREMACISTS, who do not mind a guy with a nigger daughter being targeted, who are those secretly promoting PAEDOPHILE RIGHTS FOR PAEDOPHILE PEOPLE.

I can only be responsible of course for my own behaviour yet I do not mind going to the Police with a list of names, far easier for myself to do that than try and change a Company and management structure that has ignored 10 years of complaints, or rather as MTV originally used to promote when it first went on satellite TV.


Yes a heated time of year, are you Cowboy or Indian, are we about to find out? How many NIMBIES stand around watching glad that they are not the ones being subjected to unacceptable behaviours and so on.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well! 🙂

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