How Can I Turn This Disadvantage Around

Well what disadvantage would you be referring to?  Of course the real benefit that I promote through the regular use of these technologies is FREEDOM and CHOICE, and when you have raised your THRESHOLD up over the period of a couple of years, you can begin to realise that instead of focussing on presumed inability and disadvantage you can strategize by focussing on your own advantages. 

The following is just some observations ON PATTERNS and not to be taken personally by any readers.

The typical scenario for instance in low wage poverty employment environments is to bring in overseas workers, and those that are motivated and/or bilingual very often get given advantage over the indigenous populations in job promotion prospects, some take it personal, others can see that from a Business sense it makes sense, however you are just adding another rung to the ladder and/or possible reasons for hostility. 

The other problem that comes is of course that low wage employers very often attract and maintain environments populated by what might be described (by some) as “THE DREGGS OF HUMANITY”.  So you have an indigenous dregs of humanity population being supplemented by overseas workers that have moved in search of work and are motivated for better life.  These sorts of folks very often become “MORE BRITISH THAN THE BRITISH” we can look historically for instance at the NHS, if all the INDIAN AND WEST INDIES staff f***** of back to where they came from (as the dregs would like) there would not be an NHS anymore (for what is left of it now).

So where do overseas workers pick up there BRITISHNESS from?  That’s right very often from the people they are working with, and those that are easily lead very quickly fall into the behaviour patterns of “THE DREGGS” and vice-versa, lets be honest about this and say that many of the travelling workers are themselves the dregs of there own populations.

These things always happen in waves, you might say that early arrivals from some region’s and Countries are the ones that are motivated and want better lives and so on, the pattern waves there after generally deteriorate in the so-called mix.  So if you had 3 groups in the first wave, young, middle-aged, and getting on-you could probably demonstrate that all three groups were highly motivated, as the 2nd and 3rd waves come in you will see the figures falling, perhaps the young are motivated, but the rest are what might be called journeymen in ability and acuity and any criteria you care to mention.

What else happens in “the dreg” employment environments?  Well if you follow the like attracts like rule, which many unfortunately do, then (for instance) it is regarded as easier to get rid of anyone who complains than to act upon the complaints.  That of course leads to a downwards spiral, as the people like me mentality closes in on itself in ever decreasing circles, so the environments and places of work get terrible reputations that last for years and years in the Cities and Towns they are located, the locals do not want to work in a place with such a reputation so they then have to look overseas.  So the dregs end up working with the very thing caused by there own actions and behaviours and so on.

Can the PATTERN be changed, well the environment I work in used to have an associated suicide each month with squabbling Racists, Foreigners and Heterophobes, and despite many of the dregs that caused the issues still being there at all levels of the environment, things have changed to a certain degree, how long will it last, well that is another issue.  But I am sure there are enough in each grouping using the technologies I recommended to keep an outward spiral going in spite of there squabbling.

The problem on the ground or shop floor is of course the behaviour patterns that people choose to adopt or follow, is it really wise to trust or believe folks whose History in the environment is less than savoury, I know that a hard core population has changed but will they be staying for ever, will the change they demonstrated be enough for the longer term, and that does of course itself have a knock on effect, the question mark remains however for the diehards?  Should everyone else have to get cancer and heart and lung disease through working with these peoples, have we not seen enough of the poor quality later waves of travelling workers to start thinking about employing a few locals again.

Just keep on keeping on and studying the patterns of History, or the patterns of yourstory.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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