Am I Excited About The Day Of The Doctor

Well in Truth the answer is no and again the answer to the why question is quite simple.  Whilst I am not a regular TV viewer, I do see or have seen a fair bit of Dr Who over the recent years, my daughter being an avid fan, and I can admit to liking such a program in contrast to much of what else is on.  However going back to observations

The Christmas specials that we have had in recent years have been of a differing quality to the week to week series stuff, they have not been that great in my opinion either as stand-a-lone episodes or in showing or giving a demonstration of what viewers might expect in the regular series.  I suspect that “The Day Of The Dr” will be a let down like all SPECIALS that have gone before.

Most folks who follow serial type programs can I am sure relate to my observations, it is akin to the Star Trek fans preferring the Even Numbered films over the odd numbered films, and again the cult following that some of these media’s produce means that the dedicated followers know more about the ins-and-outs of these sorts of things than more casual observers such-as myself.

Of course rules can be transferred across differing mediums but that does not mean it is true, for instance what if I apply the odd and even film ruling to the release of the Xbox one and PS4 battle.  That instantly of course means that those raving about Xbox one will be blown away next week when the PS4 comes out.  Yet all I have done is taken an arbitrary mental “CHOICE” from one data-set in my noggin and applied it to an alternate data-set, anyone who wants to feel good all of there days could simply likewise always choose to be happy regardless of what is going on around themselves, so we have to explore all these little mental rules we give ourselves to see if they are true.

An example of this from my work environment where I gave three general catch-all groupings for the population of the environment, yet I also know that one of the few interviewers that actually gave myself a chance by putting me through to a second round of interviews quite obviously does not wholeheartedly fit necessarily that easily into the catch-all labels I gave, or if they do they are also capable of rising above and beyond personal bigotries for the greater good of the Company (assuming the individual regards themselves as a Company person).  So I know I can give the benefit of the doubt to some managers and some of the criticisms that I hear relating to nepotism and so on.  Yes relatives often get jobs in work places but likewise many met in said workplaces in the first place and likewise many younger generation individuals know that even when they have been given a chance it is up to they themselves to step into those roles, you cannot rely on connections forever, you do have to graft and carve your own niche and live with your own History.  So never rush to conclusions because you do not necessarily know that favour have been placed and it can be hard living in a successful relatives shadow.  I myself rejected an interest in music when I was younger despite it being an easy option with available facilities through my father, likewise I rejected Art because my brother went in that direction to a certain extent, so in all those cases I rejected the so-called easy paths that I could have taken and now a few years later I can regret my cutting my nose of to spite my face attitude.

Likewise I have described my been there, done that, liked it loved it moved on attitude, and again where many folks talk that way in a jokey manner, I was an extremist in the sense that I really did embrace that sort of attitude, try everything once and move on-so to speak.  Of course when I actually look at that, there are many things I wholeheartedly reject as trying even once, simply because the attraction or desire or interest in some kinds of explorations simply is not there.  So catch-all’s are actually potential stumbling blocks with many sub-catch-all’s and sub-sub-catch-all’s, how deep you choose to explore these things or simply say to hell with it is up to you, but taking the time to work through many issues can pay dividends in being proven right or wrong.

So keep watching, and being honest with yourself in response to the feedback you see and whenever you feel yourself being triggered remember it is always coming from with in yourself, all this is me and the outside World is a projection of our internal World.

Well many folks already enjoying there weekends, and I have another shift

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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