Can The World Be Retuned In Ones Image

Of course it is a little late for the Queen to be asking such questions, unless of course you are talking drag Queens, we do seemingly have a long History of this phenomena, though there is probably a simple explanation for how they came about.  Once upon a time all Acting was carried out by men, you can study the ancient Greeks or Elizabethian  England and all through the time line you will find that all the so-called stage acting was by men.  We now of course generally consider role reversals to simply be a bit of fun for the Christmas Panto and the Peter Pan’s being portrayed by women and Pantomime Dames being blokes.

Are they’re any portrayals that stand out in your own consciousness, well anyone whose has watched British TV over the last 40 years will likely have been unable to avoid it.  Regular recruitment from OXBRIDGE meant that we wound up having all male comedy troupes such-as Monty Python and more recently A League Of Gentlemen.

Of course whilst they were generally in the Cult market the more mainstream viewers got to see The Two Ronnie’s often Dragging up and of course Dick Emery was another popular in the 1970’s.  Stand-a-lone individuals who became famous as they’re characters are less so but there have been some notable successes, the most obvious for the older generation is the Australian drag Queen Dame Edna Everage portrayed by one Barry Humphries, another Irishman Danny LaRue.  In more recent years of course we had Lily Savage becoming quite popular in Britain but will the phenomena of popular Drag Queens live on?

Well I think that yes they will, but probably where one generation looked upon such characters as a bit of fun or a giggle nowadays, there has been so much blurring of the lines on who can and cannot be this or that or the other that you could probably find yourself wound up in a mental institution if you so much as take note of what others say.  It probably goes back to that Blues Brothers stuff that I spoke of before where you simply step into Freddie Mercury’s shoes and sing “The Show Must Go On”.

So anyone has the ability to retune they’re own inner World as much as they want, without exception, however you still have to live among the rest of the populace and know that what is accepted by some with a shrug of the shoulders is not acceptable to others.  The problem for most of us has been the Threshold Issue, but even with the Threshold as I have said previously you still have to enforce your own boundaries in some way or other, yes you can follow the take responsibility for your Whole World Approach that some preachers such-as Erika Awakening preach but she is not a bloke and is not subjected to any kind of genuine reality as to how blokes treat other blokes, women are given far more freedom from the off, which is probably part of the attraction and appeal to drag that the Pantomime Dames and so on get out of it.

What else?  Well there does seem to be a lot of attention to domestic slavery in the headlines, but strangely no mention of transferring ideas of Slavery to the Business or Corporate World, I guess where you stand on those kinds of ideologies depends on where you personally are in the system.  I know I could probably walk into any number of factories and so on in town’s and cities in just about every Country in the World and find individuals working in those places, that have been so mentally broken that thy are little more than robotic slaves workers and so on.  Some might be happy in those roles, others not so happy, it might come down to who blinked first, but I drew certain boundaries years ago and stuck by those boundaries and now I can look around and say I was right and people across all the differing communities who adopted the technologies can feel the same way, it would be wrong for me to not acknowledge the greater role that those individuals took upon themselves to BE THE CHANGE, THEY HAVE BEEN THE CHANGE CATALYST and hopefully we can all go on acknowledging differences and working in the common interest for better SOLUTIONS FOCUS.

Enjoy the Rest of Your Saturday’s, some say why say the Christ in me sees the Christ in you, when in this era everyone wants to say “The Who in me Sees the Who in you” but then we are not all who, are we?

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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