Course Reviews & Key Points

So there I was wondering how to fill my weekend and I suddenly realised it had now been a couple of years since I had taken the Life Principles Integration Process course, so as with the other courses I have bought and paid for over these recent years I thought I would go back and see what I missed in my original blitzing through of the materials.

The course for those that have not taken The LPIP course from Centerpointe consisted of 3 modules.  The Map Of Reality Expander, The Accelerated Change Maximizer and The Success Solution and each of these three modules was then broken down into twelve sub-parts.  The course consisted of a series of internet style call lectures and notes of the lectures and Homework with the lectures.

Of all the courses that I have done the LPIP was probably the most thorough treating of these types of materials.  Having said that it has of course been followed by other types of courses and LPIP itself is no longer available in its own right.

Anyway I decided to have a look through the materials and see what I missed, a number of the homework pieces were neglected by myself so I will probably go back to those that I ignored and actually do them properly.  The main emphasis at least to myself was the taking people through the stages of awakening, what they could expect to see, experience and what is necessary to be able to see the World perhaps with a new set of eyes.  for those that have not taken LPIP do not panic or worry as much of the material centered around the 9 Principles for Conscious Living which I believe everyone is given early in there Holosync experience.

Now I recently published a link on Luminality and one of the key points in that link is the role of the so called trickster.  Can a Budhist Master really be a trickster-well many of the enlightenment aspects revolve around this idea that you ask your master a question and the master responds with a question, and that your response to the question is further internal explorations followed by more questions that are responded to with further questions. So a loop process exists where you are examining your maps of reality.  In fact you do actually come to see the Oneness of it all as a continuous process that seemingly has no beginning and no ending.

Western teaching teaches that time is linear you move from A-B and that is it your lot, Eastern tradition teaches that time is more circular, so you might say that the three years from the time I began interacting with Bill on Hell in a Handbasket to now with Stop burying your head in the sand, is the completion of one of those kinds of loops.

Again that is not 100% true because whilst Eastern Tradition are better pointers of a kind towards greater truths that are also recognised in Science there are always other perspectives that can be introduced as your own learning grows and assuming you want to continue with those learnings.

So where I can say perhaps “The Who in me see’s the Who in you” and be pretty neutral about it all from a oneness perspective, most folks who do not know the power that each and everyone of us contains rushes to wrong conclusions on the meanings or interpretations and so on.  Star Trek fans might liken it to being THE NEUTRAL ZONE between Klingons and Federation, though in reality you are actually The Zone-The Klingons and the Federation.

So The Universe is one all on-going process with nothing to do and nothing to achieve, and we as humans do not realise this and build up walls of separation that cause us all sorts of difficulties, and when we bring these walls down and let go of the ideas of separation we can see that to actually be true.  Most of the courses I have taken are roads towards getting the questioning going and bringing those walls down so where once you thought everything was outside of you and you could play victim based on old learned patterns from childhood, you can learn to take responsibility and actually later direct your own focus where you want your focus to be rather than just blowing aimlessly in the wind.  (At least that is the theory).

So what else-well Qigong Master is coming to London next February so I have been doing some of that also, I would not actually mind going to that course were I able to get the money together and anyone who has health issues might like to see this guy in person.  I have found Qigong to be one of the best modalities for the money spent in terms of clearing out mental flotsam and jetsam aches and pains and so on-I can only refer through my own experience and I still like Qigong very much.

What else well I know most people went so far with these materials and stopped or kept focus on one or two areas only and wonder why other areas are still fucked up, to get the best out of the materials you really do have to put the work in and do the homework and so on SOMETHING I NEGLECTED MYSELF and later came to regret, which is why I go back now to start over properly.

A couple of books for the readers that were recommended/mentioned in the LPIP course were The Problem Of the Soul  (Owen Flanagan) and The Mind and Brain (Schwartz and Begley), I have both though I have not yet given them a thorough look through, so again lots of  reading resources that I ignored first time round on many of these courses and have found myself later going back to.  should have looked at them straight away perhaps but that is myself not paying enough attention or not trying to do to much at once, I.E> How important is it that I missed these books first time round?  well probably not important at all but the only way I can of course know that is to investigate what I might actually get out of them.

Enough from myself, my weekend is coming to a close as the working hour approaches.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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