It Is Not Your Knowledge But How you Apply It

Now some people perhaps over notice that I might refer to particular environments a little bit to much, but the truth of that is that it can simply be best to begin any writing or post from a point that you actually know or relate to and so on and a number of my readership relate to environments that I write of.

So what else matters or what other areas of interest have been coming up for myself-well I recently mentioned that I had gotten some books with a birthday gift voucher “from the business section” after viewing and th studying of that material it became apparent that one of the authors was very much interested in GLOBAL ENERGY and that was the industry that he wrote a great deal on.  Much related to OIL WARS and how the RACE is now on in terms of finding RENEWABLE ENERGIES-wind farms and sun light and so on.  So you can all perhaps have noticed that these may have been topics also in the news, oil pipeline exploded somewhere and so on.

Likewise another author was a military Historian who applied military tactics to how he strategized in business, much like how many folks promote reading The Art of War-Lao Tsu (I think) but this chap wrote more about Historical German military over the last couple of Centuries (Pre-Hitler), you might say that Hitler benefitted from a German military machine strategy and so on that had already come into being to a certain extent and since WWII NATO and many other organizations have studies and attempted to apply the mental attitudes and Strategy characteristic to there own thinking and organisational doctrines, some with and some without success, you might say that the language (much of the study was LANGUAGE CENTERED) is difficult to learn from a third party perspective.

This of course takes me into another area that has been coming up into my own awareness a lot recently that you all know I have repeatedly returned too.  THE ALPHABET, these words you are reading are made up of symbols and the symbols can be applied to any other area of your life with different meaning, so you could for instance read this article and then see how it applies to tonight’s sports results (for instance). 

I can say that my interest in the alphabet is perhaps different to how it has been in the past in the sense that I am thinking more about how the alphabet came into being.  Why do we have 26 letter, how can I reduce the number of letter?  what can I do to demonstrate that we do not need so many letters? and so on, you might say that some recent further releasing has been working more significantly than previously, (I have mentioned how you go through stages of thinking “yes this must be it now” but this time I think my Chakras have been cleared and loosened once again and my so-called Nadies (cannot remember the exact term) are freer than they were previously.

So I want to reduce the alphabet, how can I do this

well do we need an A?, Do we need a B?, do we need a C? do we need a D? and so on

What if d is unnecessary because it looks like a c and l joined together

what if g is unnecessary because it looks like a c and j joined together

So you get the idea, where I previously talked about much of this, I was not getting the questioning going in a functionary manner that could get results, as I have done the clearance work I feel more as though I already know on some level the answers.

Relating to music-some ask what is different about Oriental music to that which we are used to in the West-well I will point you to information on a particular Eastern instrument that tells you much of what you need to know we are all used to hearing this instrument but have never reaslly understood its capabilities.

Better examples than those on this page link can be found on Youtube, a typical example

So I hope the guqin information is understood or better explains why the instruments and stuff you listen too can have a dramatic effect on your own progress.

I know for instance that when my daughter challenges myself to some game or other on her Wii that I often get anilhilated simply because she has some sort of natural built in rhythm or feeling for timing and so on that I simply lack, for instance if I wanted to dance-I can listen to music and then try and step into rhythm with the drumbeat or step into rhythm with the melody or step into rhythm with the ….. so you can step into rhythm of one aspect of the music or you can simply be and feel the whole of the music, we very often stick to what we have always done, but change can be useful at any age or stage of development. 

Write enough from myself for today-I need to go and look at those books I mentioned yesterday and have some tea before preparing for the 8 working hours, that I am given a wage by someone else to perform a function.

Thank you for reading and may all the rest of my hours be my own, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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