Of Clones and Clowns

Now it does occur to me that I should offer a post-view opinion on “The Day Of The Doctor” since I did give a pre-view opinion.  Well I do have to admit that it was in many ways better than I expected for a stand-a-lone episode, or at least better than recent or the more usual Christmas editions.

I have waited a few days to gather my thoughts on the subject and have come to the conclusion that whilst it has been promoted as a stand-a-lone it does not really fit into that category because we will likely be returning to some aspects of this episode in the future.

What aspects?  Well for anyone who missed the last series, in a desperate attempt to save the Doctors Life, his assistant Clara entered into his Tardis Tomb and his time stream, (very similar in fact to the Rose Tyler (Bad Wolf (breathing in the Tardis time Vortex) Theme) we saw a few years earlier, So this episode was related to that time stream business where  the Present Doctor Matt Smith recovered enough to follow his assistant into the time stream, and that was where it left us hanging with the so-called John Hurt Doctor being highlighted as a very bad guy.

So we have now seen the John Hurt related stuff, or a re-interpretation, as the group of Doctors changed the events, but what next?  Well we saw John Hurt regenerating at the end of the episode but did not see who he was re-generating into (the easy assumption would be our first Doctor (William Hartnell)  will it happen that way?  Well the other big issue is that Matt Smith is leaving so they once again have had to find a new actor for him to regenerate into.  According to the “series” law Timelord’s can only regenerate so many times and then they have to die like the rest of us.

No I do not follow what I have written either, is there a need?  So we also know that timelord’s can CHEAT, the master has appeared throughout the series demonstrating this ability, he used all his own bodily regenerations and went around stealing other Timelord’s bodies at one time (I recall).  More recently we were told that the Master was let start again by the Timelords during the Time War.  Why am I mentioning these facts?

well the obvious conclusion might be that we saw all those Blue Tardis’s surrounding the planet Gallifrey in geo-stationary orbits in attempts to stop it in one moment in time, but we did not really see what occurred beyond the planet lighting up like a star or atom.

So what if all the other Tardis’s all collapse into John Hurt’s Tardis and it is John Hurt who regenerates into the new 13th Doctor and not Matt Smith (as we currently believe), well they have to do something to change the rules and my guesses or suggestions are as good or better than what they will probably do.

So the Christmas episode will again be related to this Doctor’s final resting place that we are told is some place called Trendsalaw or something like that, but we now know he would rather return to Gallifrey so that is likely to happen, especially as the BBC has been beavering away on another top secret spin off project called “Sons Of Gallifrey” and a number of the older Dr’s have been working on that project hence confusion over who would be in the recent episodes.  Unsure as to Who the Sons of Gallifrey stuff is targeted for-probably the kids since the other popular spin-off Sarah Jane Adventures ended when the actress died.

so there you have it, the episode was enough to generate an opinion out of myself beyond calling it interesting.  roll On Christmas and the end of Matt Smith who lets face it was as crap as a number of those Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker  late 80’s Doctors.  lets hope the new guy has some money well spent on the story lines as Christopher Ecclestone did on his outings and as David Tenant did on his earlier outings.

Well enough from myself I am sure you have just as interesting an opinion and are fully capable of publishing a blog for myself to view and hate or like or critique.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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