So How Confused Can Soul Time Become

Well this is again an interesting question and one that depends one your own current threshold and just how much work you have put into the study of these matters, and what is coming up or what are you are noticing in the World around you, and whether you regard the information as relevant or simply something to be let go off.  Of course the teachers say that confusion is good because it can lead to further chaos and reorganisation at a higher level I know some of you have experienced several years of this whilst others might just be starting out so you really do just have to stick with me on where all this writing and observations and so on lead.

So some recent observations from “Dave’s Mental Universe” that runs parallel or concurrently with anyone and everyone else’s “Mental Universe” but not necessarily with or at the same level of understandings or possible confusions.

So this morning a sequence of events occurred around myself that were all partially inter-related, I am unable to write them here as they would likely be misunderstood, but they did relate to particular events in my own History. I will mention some keywords I think from the 2 scenario’s that happened perhaps 5 minutes apart involving Polish peoples (1. BLAME,2. LEFT LOWER LEG, 3. PAIN) I will now go into (talk) relating to another alternate relationship that this information was linked to.

So yesterday as you are aware I gave a link to the latest information from the Catholic Church, why would I do that you may ask, well again the Church love them or loathe them have a long History and you can gain a lot of speed-ups (so to speak) from having a look at what the current Teachings are, you can do this not just for Catholics but all the multi-faceted religions available.

So what are the relationships, well those that have followed some of the detail of my own History might recall that I died aged 17 saving the life of a female co-worker by the name of Fran, I was crushed to death by an overloaded stock cage of condiments including that Polish delicacy Picked Cabbage (I mention that as an aside(What you really need is to shout CRACKERJACK (English humour))).  So the Pope shares a name with the woman I saved, I ended up LAME resulting from a smashed LOWER LEFT LEG, and had to live with PAIN.

So for myself at least the only thing missing is the B, and that the incidents did not result in the extreme injuries sustained by myself.

Now I was trying to think if there was any other relationship to this issue of SOUL, that which we all are when you go to higher levels, and the relationship to the incidents all involving Polish peoples, the best that I can come up with at this time is that in the Polish history, we have that Polish workers Union  known as SOLIDARITY, unsure of the Polish spellings but the older Poles I am sure will know of the History and part Solidarity played in overcoming or overthrowing the Communist’s in the late 80’s, early 90’s.

So another relationship is of course that a number of the former Soviet Countries had various or linked ancestry of being Catholic Countries, in some Communist Countries they were tolerated in other Countries they were suppressed and went underground or were re-invented, much like the early Christians you might say being hunted down by the Roman’s, another interesting link to all of this is St Paul and how St Paul came about of course, much like the Blues Brothers joke of one of the brothers having an “I SEE THE LIGHT” Epiphany during the course of the film.

So time does not really go anywhere or do anything, it literally just is, and it can be very easy to see (witness) how your own Historical patterns are repeatedly repeated by others around yourself, now some wonder also why I brought up the Chinese instrument the Guqing, well those of us brought up in the West have long histories of listening to regular set bar pieces of music snippets known as “POP SONGS”, and these pop songs are usually highly repetitive and hypnotic both musically and instrumentally, whereas really to break the collective trance states that you may have in your noggin, you might benefit from listening to longer orchestrated music that very often breaks and changes rhythm and pace and melody, and again when it is done using unfamiliar instruments such-as the Guqing you can possibly or potentially get further realisations and breakthroughs and so on.

There is nothing wrong with POP stuff per se, but if you want to get other kinds of breakthroughs you have to perhaps try other types of music.  A popular example of an unusual or irregular rhythm attempted in the West year ago was know as Take 5, based on a 5 bar beat instead of the usual pop 4 bar beat

Now another issue I keep having is that my PAD gadget being Microsoft uses the bing search engine as default and is useless often blocking completely harmless or copyrighted material , so the first  search I often do is for the far superior google search engine, and then using google find music video’s etc. unimpeded.  My Pad recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 such is the rush for something new, I wonder when Humans 8.1 will appear.

Well of to bed now, possibly more later when I have slept on it

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