So How Can I Demonstrate I Am Not A Star

Well I am quite sure that we are all well aware of the behaviour of Star’s and would and could quite easily model much of that behaviour was one to have such inclinations, some of us do and others do not, I am probably in the do not pile.

What behaviours Dave? Well I am glad you asked as it allows and enables myself to give a list of what you can expect in today’s World.

Rule One for Stars YOU HAVE TO BE REALLY PIG UGLY-typical examples that the youth of today find attractive and the rest of us go indignant at -Lady Gaga and Russell Brand.  You might say that if people can find those types of individuals attractive then the bottom of the barrel has already been scraped and everyone else can share in the joy that despite lacking wealth, riches, fame and fortune you can look beyond your own mother for love.

Rule two-YOU HAVE TO COMMAND & DEMAND-A typical example:-walk into a restaurant with entourage and tell the Concierge you want seating for 25, it has to be that table over there with that old couple and that table next to it with the disabled orphans, and that table there with the war fighting Squaddie home on leave and… When presented with MENU make sure that what you want is not on the MENU, I want a Chicken Reverberator, what the F*** is A Chicken Reverberator you may ask, do not bother, I just made it up and it is up to you as a Chef to create it, what image springs to mind, what might it taste like, what dimensions of processing can bring a Chicken Reverberator into being, Loud Americano shit perhaps, or maybe it gives you wind and repeats on you, so we need some veggie beans in the recipe.  Yes names and products are easy getting people to want and like takes PR

Rule Three-LAY BLAME ELSEWHERE-I was unaware that my presence in the Rest-or-rant-e would cause a problem for the old people, orphans, soldier, I do not know what they are talking about.

and yes I am bored with list making but anyway-it is quite easy to demonstrate that Dave does not operate in this pre-madonna fashion, although he is well aware of people coming out with all kinds of nonsense suggesting he does, legends in there own minds that ignored the basics of what was being taught in favour of an easy target, I could of course start listing names for folks so that they know who the most dishonest ungrateful people are around themselves, that again is not my natural nature but I do not see why I should be targeted, when these ingrates slip under everyone’s radar passing themselves off as being “Holier Than Thou”.

Now I am on a short and sweet day in writing terms and there is little that can be gained from taking note of what is written here as the Holier Than Thou already are stars, and I am not, can I get myself a piece of silk and stitch So Do You Wish on it, probably, but I was trying to figure out where that kind of idea came from, I think when I was younger we had the Pink Floyd Album “Wish You Were Here” and that was also the name of a holiday programme that was a staple diet of a generation, so things go around and around and it is up to the individual as to how they respond to what they look, see, hear and so on.  We all judge but you can direct your attention to what it is you are judging.

What did come to my attention as being significant in the Pope Message that I published-DIGNITY, that one word was used repeatedly as something that can be given to all peoples great and small, DIGNITY.

Where Do You Get Dignity From?  Where will you be giving others some sense of Dignity? What are the Great Expectations you Have of others that actually fail in the CREATION OF DIGNITY.

Thank you for Reading, God Bless and Do Not Quote Me, CIAO FOR NOW 🙂

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