Polyphonic Please Police Polish

Now as some of you have investigated-many people have great difficulty simply through misunderstanding the difference between poly and mono.  We can look at just about every aspect of life and see that some folks have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders) relating to this very topic.  In fact some folks make a great living through simply promoting poly over mono, and that of course leads some of us to ask WHY?

Well the most obvious cases for this are people such-as Erika Awakening who continuously espouses Polygamy over Monogamy.  Does it work?  Well she makes a very good living through her cultism, and if folks are being led towards greater freedoms then fair enough but what other aspects of poly versus mono might we be missing?

Well some of us are aware for instance that you can have Polyphonic sound as opposed to Monophonic sound and as I have said you can look to just about every area of Life the Universe and Everything and find versions of the Poly versus Mono battle, some may well serve you in your efforts at letting go and releasing work whilst others are likely traps that get your version of OCD going.  Most folks think that OCD is something that is diagnosed and admitted to by a select group of folks who are extremists in that area, I believe David Beckham is a famous example of someone who has to have every thing orderly and correct before he is able to move onto the next aspect of his life.  My own reason for bringing the OCD up is that whilst some folks might have official Doctor style diagnosis I am quite sure that I can demonstrate that most folks in every walk of life have a version of OCD somewhere in there noggin.

So for tappers you might want to do some tapping and self questioning on where you yourself are holding onto Obsessive Compulsive Disorders.  Again they can very well relate to “PEOPLE LIKE ME” syndrome where folks with inferiority complexes continuously run around with a cattle prod trying to kill ants.

Of course if they were Giants then it might make sense, but much of these things are extremely harmful overkill.  You might liken it to Dirty Harry pulling out his latest biggest Magnum 44 (gun), for someone stealing his parking spot.  Of course many business’ and  so on actively encourage these violations to peoples sensibilities and DIGNITY, it comes down to male dominated environmental MACHISMO.  The other problem of course is that the very same behaviour’s are often regarded as somehow acceptable when carried out or performed by women, being more macho than the macho-men, you might say.  Well that is all well and good for they as individuals, but sometimes the wiser solution can be to step back and look at yourself in the mirror from time to time.  Whose blood on your hands might you find yourself having to live with? 

Now going to the title of this piece, if you were to imagine yourself as a small child being asked to spell Please or Police or Polish, it is quite easy to envision that you might use any of these spellings, that is why you cannot necessarily trust any one set of data or representational system.

I for instance could go back over the last two or three days of my generally one article a day blog, and then try and cross calculate what sports results might occur this weekend, based on the patterns that are currently presenting themselves.  A clue from that blog plus a clue from that blog might mean X is going to happen.

I could of course quite easily write perhaps two or three ARTICLES a day on completely differing subjects and then do the same comparison on a daily basis.  you might say that when you get to a certain level all these kinds of comparisons become easy but at the very same time you may well have already let go of the reasons for wanting to do that work in the first place.

Some of us know for instance that with coordinates for orienteers and so on that you only need any two sets of coordinates to triangulate the third set of coordinates, or as a pirate would say X MARKS THE SPOT OF THE TREASURE CHEST.

So practice, practise and keep releasing and bringing the patterns up in your own awareness and eventually you will simply always be here and now present and so on, less triggered by the ANT RUSTLERS with there cattle prods. 

I am off to get some tea and do some MEDITATION, a far safer and therapeutic method than trying to take all my own shit out on the people around myself or those in my charge.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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