Duran duran duran duran duran duran duran duran

Heathens do you not know the Pink Panther Cartoon theme tune when you read it. So Saturday what is special absolutely nothing say it again.  now for those that are not on the mailing list-yet another Freebie Fest is taking place in the coming week.  Once again there is no obligation to buy but anyone wanting that little bit of an extra boost can probably do know worse than have a listen in.  The free pass address is http://www.EnlightenmentFest.com , It probably follows a similar format to the previous Fests in that it is a sample taster of a particular course. 

The American Thanksgiving week has been a tradition in America for many years and I am sure some of you will be aware that the other day was what they call Black Friday, a day noted as the beginning of the Christmas shopping frenzy in the US, and all or many of the American retailers are throwing out all sorts of special offers in relation to that US Tradition.   There bank balance goes into the black and ours into the red (probably or possibly the reason for name, I shall have to look it up).

I know some of you think that these courses are not necessary or worthwhile because of language difficulties, the best I can say is that you could take the view that your future self will not have those difficulties because you are doing the work and courses now.  Hard to explain but the Freebies are a good investment in improving your own resources and bibliography and so on regardless of nationality, location and any other excuse available.  Just because I listen does not mean I will buy. 

Having said that I did decide to take up the package I was offered recently that included the Letting go Paraliminal and am pleased that I did as they all seemingly build on prior learnings.  Will they improve my humour, well you do go through phases, who does not, and it can be difficult to know what is intended humour and what is simply inadvertent or unintended but spontaneous humour.

So we all go marching along singing a song walking in a Wonderland, or we would if we were living in a County or Country that had proper Winters rather than the occasional snowfall we have now.  That reminds me, will we be having a White Christmas, has the book opened on that one yet this year, probably the best time to get good odds for a quid or two before the Cray Supercomputers start predicting that far ahead.

Now some might wonder what the Ultimate is and I have no idea, since one of the areas I have focussed greatly on is letting go of stuff, I have personally neglected the other side of that coin, rewarding myself perhaps.  The qigong has or contains a certain amount or talk of opening up your body’s CHANNELS, and I noticed that one of the newer Paraliminal ones also does the same or similar, re energise I think it was called, but it basically takes you for a walk through opening up your bodily CHANNELS and building up a belief in detoxifying yourself and so on, much like the Qigong of breathing in the goodness of the Universe and visualizing of the unhealthy stuff leaving.  As I have repeated, it is choice, but it does kind of also remove some of the excuses that we give ourselves for being unhealthy.  So really with all these opening of channels and releasing blockages and so on I do actually feel lighter on my feet, I also said previously that this has probably been my most pain free year in 20 years, so I am like a Tetley’s teabag with all the perforations enabling stuff to pass through myself unencumbered so to speak.

I was going to write a piece after Dr Who entitled “Whose Afraid Of The Big Ad Olf” but then I know that no matter what I say or do, someone somewhere is always ready and willing to make or take issue.  This blog has my name at the top of it and it is my blog, anyone else who chooses to read it does so with discretion, I really get tired of being told that so-and-so does not care about my opinion on this or that or the other, these things are for myself at least as simply observable patterns.  If you do not care for my opinion why stalk it so zealously.  So some people miss the good old days, when in fact many still live mentally in there good old days and have not quite grasped that I can write what the hell I like on my own blog.

So still thinking about what a Chicken Reverberator might taste like I reckon Heinz baked beans are probably a better option than the usual veggie ones, yes reminds myself of my favourite pasties that I used to get years ago, whilst if I am honest I have never really like Cornish Pasties, I do like the variety ones that some folks create, one I recall having quite regularly at one stage was a sausage and bean pasty and it was very good as an all in one meal, perhaps pasties and pies are the British equivalent to the Italian Pizza, or the French baguette, or the whatever else springs to mind as a national all-in-one meal of choice.

Well best be running along.

thank you for reading, nothing here is personal just patterns, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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