My Mum Whose A Nurse

We all of course can relate to having heard folks speak in this kind of manner-again I cannot recall where I picked up the phrase of the title but it was very likely some TV show that I watched as an infant or junior.

Of course you can replace the turn of phrase in many ways for instance MY [INSERT LABEL] WHO IS A [INSERT LABEL] and I am quite sure that everyone has followed this line of knowledge sharing whereby it must be true because [INSERT LABEL] could not possibly not know what they are talking about or indeed be not worthy of the faith and trust being placed in them by oneself.

I mention that my mum is in fact a real life genuine nurse because of the areas of nursing in which she specialised, and of course being brought up by a nurse and also having a nurse as an ex-wife and having worked at one time in the NHS I tend to not be overly impressed with folks buying Dr’s and Nurses type stuff from Ann Summers, I would much rather go with Vicars and Nuns or other costumes that I have not got a lifelong over familiarity with-I am sure many folks can relate to this not following in the footsteps of peer groups or relatives style issues.

So when I were knee high to a grasshopper and Kung Fu was top of the TV ratings my mum who is a Nurse worked the wards of the now long since gone General Hospital that sat alongside the river Wye near the Victoria Bridge.  These days many types of former specialities have been combined and re-designated and many old departments are no longer heard of or spoken of apart from those who remember them.  My mother worked the wards of the old Ear Nose and Throat Department known as ENT, what, what, do you mean is that all well yes it is but anyway times change and she now works at the County I believe on various day case wards.

So the strange thing about these conversations can of course be that someone new to yourself worked in your place of work years prior to you yourself and they return and talk of the good old days with these people and those people and one is often left wondering “IF THE GOOD OLD DAYS WERE SO WONDERFUL, WHY DID YOU LEAVE?”

Of course we all want and like the idea of Rose Tinted Glasses; it can in many ways of course give us new perspectives and is surely better than harbouring  some other colour tinted glasses that might spring to mind but non the less this sort of information is worth exploring especially as it goes hand in hand with what I wrote the other day regarding only 7 per cent of communication being words.

You might in fact say that many of the issues that I complained of and that were ignored were for this very reason, whereby I was being told I was over sensitive by a number of folks who whilst possibly meaning well or not were giving out the very vibes that were harmful to they themselves and those around them.  You might say that being in alignment in terms of HEALTH is not necessarily being a yes sir no sir 3 bags full sir yes man to any one given company or corporation or business or whatever environment you find oneself in.

We have for instance the Armed Forces whereby the model is that we break you down in order to build you up, unfortunately many business’ preach this but do not practice it much preferring to break you down and keep you down and you or any other individual have to ask the question what are these people hiding, what are the fears that they are operating from, do I deserve to be treated in this fashion and what have you.


Where are the stresses and strains and non-conscious issues arising from and how can I better release and create abundance and wealth and prosperity in the WHOLE OF MY WORLD BEING.


Thank you for reading and I am going of on one, God Bless and Be Well 🙂  

Horace Goes Skiing

So German Race Ace Michael Schumacher is in hospital following a skiing accident and unlike most folks I tend to not only wish him a speedy recovery but look to see where else memories are triggered in my own knowledge base.

I know many folks are not keen on this idea that the World is like a giant computer system but as someone who has been into computers since his teens and in later life studied related materials at University, it is easy for myself at least to see those sorts of comparisons and so on and so forth, Horace Goes Skiing was an early home computing game and one where the WIki page is I think WRONG the game displayed is not Horace goes Skiing, Skiing game that I recall playing, you had to basically guide the character down a ski slope., another way for myself to make links is of course to mention the Grimms Fairy tale The Elves and The Shoemaker that strangely enough is similar but not the same as Rumpelstiltskin that I mentioned earlier.

What else well Michael Schumacher was known to be at least one of the drivers if not the driver known as The Stig on TV show Top Gear.  Very strange yes but it again reminds myself of a children’s TV show called Jackanory , this particular show had multiple children’s tales one of which I think was called Stig Of The Dump and That I believe was read by Bernard Cribbins better known more recently as Donna Nobles father in Dr Who. It is not listed but I know that the BBC did do a TV show of the book also. Another similar tale were the Little Nose stories about a Neanderthal type character with a little nose who did not fit in with his tribe.  The Hobbit is on at the Cinema and I believe the idea of a Hobbit was based on an ungangly 2 or 3 year old first learning to walk a heavy larger head on a small body (many youngsters seemingly have an out of proportion head to body ratio earlier in life)

What else, well I see much talk and news has been linked to the Winter Olympics in Russia, the Nazis of course were not the first to have difficulties on the Russian front I believe Napoleon also had some difficulties during his conquesting, the Soviet Winters do tend to take there toll on folks and peoples not acclimatised to the local weather conditions.

I see we have also had a Volcano going of elsewhere in the world not just bombs in Volgograd. Yes I think the main thing that the meditation techs can do are to get all those long held neuron connections working for yourself again where for many of us they tend to get compartmentalised and lost in time and so on so the stimulation perhaps kicks starts improved mental capacities.

Going back to the computer theme most of the last century and even know have been dominated by UNIX operating systems and if you had to choose an Operating System for your brain you would likely want one that operates on a UNIX type basis, most home users have likely never heard of it nor do you necessarily need to but what I can say is that the file system and so on is far superior to anything that a home user can get from the likes of Microsoft or indeed Apple.  You might in fact say that the backbone of the World’s telecommunications and computer systems in general are still built on UNIX type technologies.

So that’s myself going of on all sorts of tangents and weirdness but for myself at least it demonstrates that I am gradually working towards a Unified Theory Of Everything. 

thank you for reading god bless and as the new year approaches may all your resolutions be for everyday not just the day that you make them he says to himself and no one else in particular  🙂

So What Did Those Naughty Dr Who Writers Do?

Well I have caught up with the Christmas Dr Who episode and found it to be okay, there is little that I can really point to or single out as being of major learning significance to folks but I will mention one or two that I thought to be of relevance/interest.

So we had some Futuristic Church Ensemble and were told that EVERYONE WAS NAKED except that we could not see the nakedness due to Holographic Technology.  That for myself goes back if you like to THE EMPERORS NEW CLOTHS, How many of us man or women are born fully clothed or incubated fully clothed?  So as you progress if you have not been made that deeply aware you might say that it is once again the ADAM and EVE covering themselves with FIG leaves after biting the APPLE story.

What else well I was trying to figure out what triggered Rose into choosing the Episodes that she later watched.  The Christmas episode had a child named Barnoble that of course to readers who know bookshop names will have heard of Barnes and Noble, Noble also being the given surname of former assistant Donna Noble (Catherine Tate).

Now I was also trying to figure out the Significance of Red Heads because I watched that Pompeii episode and that had Karen Gillan ( later Amy Pond) as one of the Sisters of Sybelline.

Well going back in my own time line I can actually mention several real life redheads, the first of significance to myself was at Six Form College and I cannot for the life of me remember her name, I just remember a strawberry blond girl that I kind of electrically clicked with, we were somewhat wicked to each other in a fun kind of way, and then of course I died hmmmmn.

A couple of years go by and I then start getting out and about again and Another Red Head works her way into my life, and I have long suspected that this second red head may have placed a curse on myself such were the circumstances of the relationship.  Now the actual strange thing for myself is that I do not generally think oh there is a blond or brunette or redhead and so on (as so many other blokes seemingly do) I just either click with someone or I do not regardless of outward appearances, having said that I can site reasons why I might run from blondes brunettes and redheads lol, although whether those reasons were self inflicted is of course debatable and dependent on ones own awareness level.  

So I have previously mentioned that in Family tree Terms I am a British Mongrel and can point to having ancestry from the Four Corners of the United Kingdom, and daughter Rose can say The Commonwealth.

Well this morning when I woke up a song popped up into my consciousness MOLLY MALLONE, look it up if you do not know it, it is an ancient IRISH FOLK SONG. We have also I noticed in recent years had a rather large number of Female Redhead Heroines in Children’s cartoons-Jessie in Toy Story, Ariel in The Little Mermaid, Merida in Brave and of course FIONA IN SHREK.

So what else well I have mentioned the Irish roots but of course Scotland tends to get more of the red head associations, and the Queen and Royal Family tend to spend the Christmas and New Year time period in Scotland.

What else, well I did notice over recent years that many of the Polish ladies all opted for some red head look as have some major international pop stars, I think everyone from Rhianna down has gone through a red head stage.

Is that a significant colour relation to FIRE, is where my own intuition is leading, perhaps each of the main hair colour groupings can be linked into Earth Fire Water Air and so on, yes I know that these things are not necessarily strict anymore given the amount of population growth and spread but in KISS terms (Keep It Simple Sweetheart) the more that we can on an individual basis return to the core essentials and let go of many multitudes of non-essentials, mash-ups and mix-ups the more likely we are to free ourselves from all the multi-faceted confusions that arise through lack of awareness.

So I will leave it at that for now until perhaps some other materials chooses to make its presence felt in my awareness, I should of course perhaps also mention that one of the first girls that I dated on my return to Hereford was once again a redhead, arrrgggggggg. and I know thank my lucky stars that I have mostly cleared this strange anomaly from my system and indeed that no redheads slip through the recruitment net where I work.

thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well  🙂

Thinks His Facebook May Have Been Hacked

Just to mention that I recently went on FB, I do not go on very often if I am honest, and I went through some mail that had been sent myself and had one dated 17/12/2013 where a notification of multiple peoples names, one or two of which I recognised

left the conversation

I have no idea what any of that means as I personally have never used the chat facilities always leaving them off, so have never been in a conversation, I have repeatedly said to folks that if you do not want myself on your list REMOVE ME, it is quite easy to do and I will not be offended given how infrequently I use Facebook anyway.

So if any offensive material has appeared through chat or other Facebook facilities reputedly being from myself, you can probably rest safe in the knowledge that I do not use those facilities and it was not myself.

I have a policy of only posting directly to the newsfeed on the odd occasion that I do go on FB.

that is all for now  TTFN 🙂

And The Winner Is

So of course we find ourselves at that time of year where we are bombarded with REVIEWS of the year and some kinds of awards ceremonies and highlights and so on and so forth-I found myself thinking about this subject a great deal because I do in many ways need to show gratitude to some of the people who have followed my writings through thick and thin in recent years. 

In doing so of course I might well cause them embarrassment and or discover that they are not followers of myself at all just merely in tune with the greater going on of it all themselves, so who might I choose as favourites, what categories should I create that best represents a particular group or constituency, or indeed what can I get away with that does not unmask some of the people who I might regard as superheroes for or to myself.

I think the easiest option in not naming names is to simply give categories and if you think that category fits yourself then you may well be the person to whom I am referring.





If you can convert the invisible ink lines you will see the nominations and respective winners and there will be know arguments, because I can only nominate and award those who have demonstrated levels of action and feedback and consistency beyond what is absolutely necessary.

Prize?, gold statuette?, doggie bag of goodies? Well bloody Hell you do not want much do ya, why not go and pester someone who shares those needs and wants for a prize and statuette and doggie bag of goodies, it is not like you had to dress up and give a tearful speech now is it-I could not have acted if it were not for the sacrifice of my parents, mum n dad, to my agent, to my publicist, to my faithful public ….

Oh all right, so I left the space blank but there are real genuine names and peoples I would write into the space, yes there are indeed, and not just for being best Mona or best Mongo or best Bongo either I came up will some truly splendiferous categories that will unfortunately probably never see the light of day.

If I could write a poem to award you for this dream, who would the nominations be beyond all reflections of thee, they seek me here they seek me there but never where I am at, the emperor and empress of a heart that is hidden in a hat.


Moving on

Another area that has crept up into conscious awareness recently is the need for escape that many folks have from what it is they think or interpret themselves as wanting to escape from, I know that you are reading these symbols that I have said many times over are representations, I mention this again because a book I recently whizzed through spoke on the very same subject, that the words in terms of actual percentiles account for just 7 per cent of communications from you, 7 per cent that means that 93 per cent of communication and respective cues are mostly non-conscious for many people or are very often misrepresented, I think non verbal communication was 53 per cent or 54 per cent and that other area somewhere around 40 per cent (%), that other area was in fact the way in which the words are conveyed-pitch tone, frequency and so on and so forth.

I say this because if I write some script type routine saying “right you bastard I am really fucked off” excuse the language, each of you in the readership will have converted and processed that line according to how your own brain system is set up, by that I mean that if you expect or think it was said harshly that is because that is how you process it, likewise if you expect or think it was said lightly that is because that is how you process it and so on and so forth.

If I had written “right you bastard I am really fucked off” and then given some other instruction such-as “heated” or “tame self reflection” or “mocking” or “laughingly” or any number of directional cues you would likely have sort to follow the cue-unless and this is a big UNLESS you are used to or have been used to someone acting and speaking one way and having possible harmful consequences after.  I say this because we do often see violent type people portrayed in this fashion whereby they talk mildly and softly and gently whilst the non-verbal body action (if you like) is extreme violence or lashing out and what have you.

So I hope those that took up the Meditation and so on can see that you can learn to let go of all of these kinds of things regardless of personal back history and take up the new cues and interpretations of folks and peoples that you actually do want, there does seem to always be a lag between setting out on a particular course and having the jigsaw pieces slot into place but with persistence and perseverance we have the capabilities to TRANSFORM YOUR WORLD

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Congratulations to those who won the awards I will be monitoring for acceptance speeches and as always be well 🙂

Once Again Finds Himself Thinking About Piracy

So to get myself  in the mood I decided to listen to one of my favourite pieces of music from the movies in recent years which I have after many searches managed to trace and track down.

This little tune is called HOIST THE COLOURS

So moving on Wow here we are on Saturday 28th December 2013 and I am now on HOLIDAY.

So what is on the cards for you today, he says to himself-well I go to my online Coral Account and I look to see where all the money is at on some of todays sporting events and I think to myself what a wonderful World.

Yes there is definitely a feeling you get that some upset is going to happen and THIS COULD BE YOUR LUCKY DAY!

Yes Yes I know we have all heard such statements a million times before, but one of them has got to be lucky has it not?  Glass half full glass half empty you know what I mean.

So what else can I do to make this week go slower and slower and slower and longer and happier than it really ought to be-solutions of course are once again at the forefront of ones mind the solution to making a never-ending Holiday week last longer is just on the tip of my tongue-on the Horizon that never sleeps, c’mon work your way into consciousness that’s it I can feel you edging your way up the ladder, yes I shall have to spend some time meditating me thinks but til then


So I decided To Have A Quick catch-up

So I decided to have a quick catch-up with some of my mail and found among them a new series of video presentations and report notes for new starters with Holosync-Bill giving us a sneek peek preview of new repetitions of materials, I had a quick look through to see what else I have previously missed and found amongst the mentioned names one Dr Mark Hyman MD.

So I went to my kindle emulator and did a quick search on this chap’s books and he is another kind of Dr Daniel Amen type figure.  The books are all quite cheap so I bought one and although I am currently digesting and integrating the material from my photo-reading session I thought I would make a note of it here because he does speak amongst other things of Detoxification a great deal-so he may be just what some of you are looking for in relation to health issues-if you have not progressed with Dr Amen or other medical recommendations made by Mr Harris.

In A While Crocodile 🙂

Yackety Yack the Empire Strikes Back


Okay so another brief sojourn on the health front-it is very easy for those of us that are grey carrying blood that makes us pink that we pretend to ourselves is white to think HELL YEAH White Blood Cells are the Bees Knees and so on-Unfortunately that is a huge huge massive falsehood and one to be wary of.  Your white blood cells are good in the basic function that they serve your body for-however it can be detrimental to your health to always have this high white blood cell count-it is akin to you being permanently in a firefighting mode and if the white blood cells are the firefighters then you could say that they are CHASING SHADOWS.  Far better for them to return to the firestation and rest and so on and so forth once in a while.  Many Health conditions and there respective hospital treatments are actually based around this concept, I am sure we have all met or heard of people who have gone to hospital where a devised treatment has been a toxicity cleansing process of some description.

I can mentioned my Daisy Diana story as an example where Daisy as a baby was on a machine called ECMO that served as a Heart and Lung Bypass (the machine carried out those pumping/cleaning blood duties) until she herself was strong enough for her own cardiovascular system to take over.

So you might say that my guidance or bringing folks into alignment with greater TRUTH is like bringing everyone down from a fire fighting mode to a place where (hopefully) sensible thought and action can once again prevail.

What else well I am in grazing mode to a certain extent as are a number of yourselves, by grazing I mean the constant snacking on all those buffet type foods that we accumulate during Christmas, the mince pies and Pig in a Blanket YES I KNOW WTFI Pig in a blanket well it was what I was offered and when I accepted found to be mini sausage wrapped in bacon, why oh why oh why cannot simple things be retained, what next,

would you like some bingo wings? I look forward to the recipe for that little thought?

Okay so I seem to be having to talk about ENERGY once again, according to the more enlightened Creation does not exist because all that is IS ENERGY and ENERGY merely goes through transitions, so we convince ourselves we have created this or that but really whatever it was that you thought you have done or are going to do is merely an ENERGY change of some description.

This is from the Jedah Mali type thinking whereby we are all SPIRITUAL beings or SOUL living a human existence, we often think we are humans with a Soul, but the higher teachers like to prove and demonstrate that it is in fact the other way around, SPIRIT ENERGY taking on Human form perhaps, it seems to myself the more I progress that they are speaking TRUTH and that TRUTH is what gives us our Freedom of Choice and enlightenment and Abundance and so on.

It does really seem that any progress of inner cleansing and so on brings you to the greater expansiveness and Universal thought position and that how far you follow any one given trail is personal choice and so on, I can point to perhaps 2 or 3 modalities out of perhaps a dozen (12) that I am likely to persevere with and see what else I can get bigger and better break through’s and shifts and so on with.

I had multiple books for Christmas that I have yet to read so I may well list them at a later date, as some of you yourselves are no doubt discovering the more you advance the more you find that nothing is not relevant everything contributes to your thoughts feelings actions inspirations in some form or another and how we feel and act in that knowledge and how we see the World shifts when we let go of the old non-conscious beliefs that hold us back or move into greater alignment with that word that we all need to ask the questions on WHAT IS TRUTH? CAN I BE TRUTH? and on and on

Thank you for reading, God bless and Be Well :-0

Whose Pompeii Is It Anyway

So I have not yet caught up with watching the Christmas Dr Who episode properly but Rose did and today she decided to watch some older episodes, returning to series 4, she put on an episode called The Fires Of Pompeii

The cast list for the two episodes contains some very interesting details, both Amy Pond (don’t know actress’s name) and Peter Capaldi were in the older episode alongside Catherine Tate and David Tennant, so you might say that there could well be some other interesting details and information’s to be found for the sharp eyed fan of such series.

I am unsure of the full proper history of Pompeii although I believe the Volcano story to be true in that the entire place was covered in lava from the exploding Volcano and it has since been excavated and you can see people like statues almost like weeping angels were you to visit the site.

The only other Pompeii references that spring to mind were old Frankie Howard comedies such-as Up Pompeii

So there you have it another group of references and pointers and information that may or may not be interesting to some of you


Can I Re Story Myself Into A Clean Bill Of Health

Yes Yes I know some of you think I have done health to death already but as awareness and understandings increase you can always shine a new light so to speak on issues that some folks take as forgone conclusions that are not necessarily forgone conclusions and I am aware that some of you have spoken or pointed to family members health that may need a little booster or pep talking about.

So first off I would like to thank those that took the time out of there Christmas to wish myself a merry Christmas and all that jazz and I hope you all got some of those items on those seemingly never ending wish lists.

So reflections on Health, I use the word reflections as it was mentioned I noticed by the Queen (Gord Bless You Ma’am) in her annual speech and not one to miss an opportunity I thought her talk on the Commonwealth and the idea of the commonwealth was one that we can all take on board to a certain extent.

So I previously spoke on Health and how you are your own mental World and your Hemispheres can be synchronized using the recommended technologies and as you progress into deeper levels and so on you will continue to get new shifts and new patterns coming up and so on some big some little but it is an ongoing process and some of us are seemingly affected in the extreme (myself perhaps) whilst others have not had to cope or deal with any great life hazards.

I also said that your place no not palace place of work might also be regarded as a living breathing organism, some understand what I meant others look on in bemusement thinking that this stuff is all la-di-da but that is for they themselves to deal with I moved on a long time ago on many things and return only to give a point of view if I feel it is necessary or experience or witness scenario’s that I can pep talk on.

So returning to the SPIRITUAL BODY theme, when you or anyone else for that matter gets a cold or virus so to speak all kinds of actions take place in your physical body and for those that are aware enough you can very often see reflections happening either in a conscious or non-conscious fashion in your external World.

One of the things that happens early on when the body is under viral attack (for instance) is that your body will produce or increase production of White Blood Cells and these are the blood cells (if you like) that carry the accumulated anti-bodies to virus’s that your immune system has built up over the years.  I believe Antibiotics are actually given to help with this kind of a natural body process hence the recommendations to let your own body deal with these things first.  Yet all to often we find that we have damaged our own systems with drink, drugs, smoking and so on that tend to leave our own immune system in a poor or shoddy form and the rush for the Antibiotics.

So a natural balance of bugs and germs and ailments is actually quite healthy for you and your physical body in many ways, (example it is estimated that once you have had a hundred colds, and have developed 100 kinds of antibodies, you can likely rapidly fight off most new mutations of common cold virus) we are all teeming with these things and having imbalances in the understanding of this can itself be counter-intuitive and counter-productive to good health, its like people who have obsessive compulsive disorders that require them to shower or bath multiple times a day, if that happens in your younger years, you are likely not producing the immune system for the environment that you will work rest and play in.  Yes you want to be clean perhaps but not in a obsessive way that leaves you open to not having your full all round health.

So in the metaphorical or allegorical World where I have focussed or concentrated my own teachings, this balancing act can be reflected perhaps in a business that has many nationalities working for it, having a broad variety of staff can give you a broad or wider ability in thinking strategies and alternate perspectives and points of view and good all round Company Health.

Likewise having a broad variety of staff but only having certain types of peoples in positions of influence and responsibility can be seen to be negative.

IE.  One Idea Is being preached whilst another is being practiced.

In my own working World I have seen a great deal of shift and change in “Some” areas of responsible positions and so on, yet as I mentioned previously there do seem to be glass ceilings for many folks in some areas and one has to question where they are coming from?  Who is creating the glass ceiling in this department or that department?  Is it actually an issue of some nationalities or sex or qualified folks being thrown breadcrumbs or is real change happening? Again I think some folks have non-conscious materials that they think they can politely stay quiet about that may well actually be highly detrimental to they themselves in the longer term.  Its like someone writing to a senior factory manager complaining of not getting job advancement, getting job advancement and then saying I myself have an attitude problem, yet I have consistently tried to work the appropriate system of applying for jobs on the Board as they themselves originally did so until advertised jobs are free of wheeler dealing and string pulling the underlying cause of business difficulties might be dragged on longer than is actually necessary.  If the people making the appointments cannot be trusted whether it be manager and HR in combination-other structures/strategies perhaps need to be brought into play-to screw the game playing up for everyone, lets ask the questions, how can I remove my own biases, how can I circumnavigate the best of enemies system that was causing the business to much pain.

We all need to get some 3 Monkey Systems Up and Running Perhaps or use the see know evil, speak no evil, hear no evil as a starting point to What-If-Up ah-ha ing it.

I have once again rambled on and on 

Thank you for reading and best of health to those that want it, God Bless and Be Well for yourselves and those that you LOVE! 🙂