I’ll Do the Jokes Dave (Comic Pause)

So there I was wondering what areas of life I had not made any particular effort at studying and releasing on and up popped comedy.  Of course I like many folks before myself grew up on a steady diet stream of popular comedy and can say that the comedic stones are broad wide and varied.  At one time I watched all the classic Hollywood comedy greats such-as Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Costello and so on, likewise I have seen the Jewish comedy of Woody Allen and Mel Brookes and Seinfeld.  British comedy also has some great traditions with the “Carry On…” movies and Morcombe and Wise, and of course UK TV has its own particular brand of situation comedy shows that we have all probably seen shows such-as Dad’s Army and Allo Allo and Birds of a feather and Only Fools and Horses, so comedy when you think about it is actually quite central to most peoples lives.

You might say in fact that that central-ness of comedy is greatly unexplored because it is often taken for granted on assumption and so on.  I say this because for readers among you there are a good selection of books on comedy and props and circumstance of comedy that can help with getting some of those progresses you might be wanting.

Comic Headline of the week for myself at least was “Police Investigate and Carry Out Probe On Match Fixing Syndicate” I say this is funny not because there is something wrong with the police investigation so much as that it does not matter what any of us actually try to do or say or whatever direction we seek to go in, time has already been there done that liked it loved it worn the T-Shirt.  I cannot rig matches or any sports in any way shape or form because what is already is what is.  hard to explain unless you have been through some of the processes that I have put myself through but yes, we are all basically idiots trying to find new and idiotic ways to cheat time, and fill time, and really we all want to be at the cause end of how our own lives are lived and scripted and so on.

So yes that is where I am at Dave’s investigations into humour, I do of course like just about everyone else I encounter regard myself as having a great sense of humour.  The exploration of this area can also lead you to discover triggers that you have that you may have been unaware of so there is and are some rewards in looking into the book side of comedy.

Of course as a non-funny person, I seemingly find myself regarded as a non-funny person I always have to be the straight guy to someone else’s acceptable idiocy.  You can of course transfer such behaviour to any walk of life.  The individual who can see the idiocy of all that society attempts to achieve for better lives and so on. 

We could all benefit perhaps from asking:- If my life is a situation comedy-how can I improve my strategies and navigation of this life that we all of us still do have to navigate with some level of sensibility? or something like that but you get the gist.  Any scenario or area or aspect of your life can be turned into a comedy scene given the appropriate thinking and timing and anything else you care to mention.  I know that I have even watched the odd comedy that explores and stretches those  areas of peoples sensibilities, births weddings and funerals and so on, so comedy and laughter can be a great release, although it can also be cause for non-conscious triggers hence my always promoting that people should try the technologies for themselves and see where they are lead in ones own mental Universe.

So do not take comedy for granted, step back and explore what comedy actually relates to and maybe you will see comedic patterns in yourself that you were previously unaware of, I know I have, as have others, but as you progress from never wanting to experience particular kinds of feelings thoughts and actions you can make yourself better prepared for the everyone is a comedian but me straight guy that is Dave.

Well enough on this topic for now, Thank you for reading God Bless and Its Goodnight From Him 🙂

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