A Suite Of Solutions

So what are the kinds of things that we can need to release on to raise our energy and awareness and consciousness and so on.  Well believe it or not there is very little that cannot be released on-if you can think of a subject then you can probably do some work on it-I will give a couple of examples from my own life.

So for instance as a youngster with a sibling I would fight with my brother and disagree with my parents on bed times and so on, and later at school I would have rivalries with other children in the school or class and so on.

Now many traditional teaching is that you should channel your aggressions into more rewarding activities and use such thoughts feelings and so on to motivate yourself.  Sounds great you say I’ll channel controlled aggression (for instance) into my sporting life.  Or when spurned/rejected by someone that you want as a girlfriend-I’ll channel or redirect my energies towards so-and-so an activity.

So you get the gist, regular teaching continuously espouses that we are to redirect negative, thoughts feelings emotions into more positive and rewarding avenues.  So we basically wind up with lots of redirected energies that we think or convince ourselves we have dealt with in a positive manner, yet in reality-years and years of this stuff gradually builds up in your system and serves to work as blocker to the new reality you are wanting to work your life into now.

What do I mean by this-well I am quite sure many can relate that they have for instance regularly practiced Holosync and raised there Threshold and conscious awareness-yet they can still go to a pub on a weekend and find themselves in the regular Saturday night fight that they have seemingly been having since there teens.  Whatever the occasion whether it is a quiet drink with friends or family or with the lads, some asshole always manages to magnetically connect to having a fight with yourself.  (This is just an example that given my work environment I am sure a number of folks can relate to (if not themselves then a mate or pal whom always seemingly has this problem whereby every occasion gets turned into hazard or jeopardy or whatever)).

So basically I have spent inordinate amounts of time returning to doing releasing on pet hates, the desire to fight, re-channelled aggressions and jealousies to motivate and so on, whereby once I was teaching myself into circular type logic that was failing-now I am actually releasing those kinds of thoughts feelings and getting greater levels of consciousness or whatever.

Now it is not for me to judge and everyone has a right to defend themselves and so on, if someone starts on them-but I hope you can see that in releasing these-LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE-kinds of vibrations you can actually learn to box clever in your life and have more choice in these matters.  You might liken it to taking a Mike Tyson brute strength street brawler and turning him into a Mohammed Ali-dance like a butterfly-sting like a bee.

So yes I have been releasing on issues such as vengeance and  bitterness and so on.

Another area that is completely stupid but I have had to release on is DAVE’S JEALOUSY OF AMPUTEES, why would anyone be jealous of an amputee you might say.  Well it comes back to what you can and cannot do in your life.  When my lower leg was severed off, had it been a hundred years ago it would have been a sow up the stump.  But the medical efforts to save my leg and repair it and regrow the bones and so on have worked against myself in many ways.

So I spent a couple or years on crutches and when I eventually gave them up-I went through a swimming/gym phase a year or two later and what I found was that I cannot do weights for instance.  I could build myself up like a muscled toned Arnie and it would not make the slightest bit of difference to my ability to do weights, My body or muscular skeletal system simply cannot take the PRESSURE of weight, so I could for instance bench press some heavy weight with upper body exercise, but if I tried to lift the same weight whilst standing the bones would likely simply shatter and snap, the breaks mean that the inherent human skeletal strength is not there.  Amputees can simply plug on a titanium foot and do many things that repaired but damaged peoples cannot because they have not got the same worry about protecting the area they already lost-so to speak-again such thoughts are CIRCULAR TRAPS-AND I am quite sure many amputees would love to have the lower leg I have-but I do feel sometimes that medical ego was behind the repair and being a medial guinea pig with scaffolding and pins drilled through your bones and poking out for a year is not a pleasant experience, today of course they have those more advanced catapillar type pin scaffolds but that is by the by.

So you can release on just about anything in your own History-but I do keep finding myself returning to issues such-as jealousy and sibling type rivalries and so on.  having said that the more of the suite of heaing modalities I have used in combination the better the progress of releasing has become.

Enough for now, I have a meal to eat, God Bless and Later 🙂


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