Where Wicked Wings With Whistling Winds Will Work Whilst Wonder Warnings

Where Wicked Wings With Whistling Winds Will Work Whilst Wonder Warnings

Know it does not but then was it supposed to.  So today I could not sleep particularly well and to keep my mind focussed I started playing around with what I could write poetry wise and found myself seemingly focussing on double ews W W W, I eventually gave up as my mind became quieter an I was able to sleep.

So what issues might be in peoples minds at the present time, or what questions might folks want answered that they have found themselves being prompted with?

Well I as I said I would, I have listened in on the Enlightening Fest and so far so good but a couple of clarification pointers perhaps required for some folks.

1.  Jedah speaks of Oceanic Consciousness and Oneness and it is very easy to imagine that you know what she is talking about-however just to clarify my own view on this point my view of what oceanic Consciousness and Oneness and Awareness has changed at just about every step that I have taken in going through the Holosync Levels and by that I mean that my concept of what she meant was Different with Awakening Prolog to what it was with Awakening Level One, and through the Awakening Levels, my concept of what she meant was also different with Purification Levels-so do not take for granted that you know with any true level of certainty of what she speaks.  Yes she has years of apparent study with masters and so on but it can seem as though she refers to some absolute and I have little faith that such a place exists (In my current level).

2.  The Power Of Intention-this is an interesting area and one that I perhaps need to do more inner work with myself.  Some interest points relating to the examples she gave I am love, I am beautiful, I am peace and so on-I can quite imagine that many folks might have difficulty relating to these kinds of intentions-I would simply say keep going and work with it rather than fight against being these things-it might simply mean thinking of yourself in these terms on a spiritual level-I know that repetition can work for or against you but as she speaks of the so-called fabric of all things you can see that it is perhaps beneficial-I gave some examples Lady Gaga and Russell Brand for instance who probably think of themselves inwardly as these things-it is being self centered or rather self loving-rather than necessarily paying attention to the competing external harpies and hate mongers.

3.  The Underlying Doubt and Fear-this partially is connected I think to this power of intention from point 2. above-In the earlier levels of Holosync for instance many more doubts and fears exist but as you progress and put in the time and meditation the doubts and fears will fall away.

So those just some points brought up in my own mind from listening in-they are not criticisms so much as observations based on my own experience.  For instance Oceanic Consciousness in my present experience is like a kind of Hunger-if I were to describe it further I might say it is like that Giant Venus flytrap from Little Shop Of Horrors that Screams-FEED ME, FEED ME NOW!

Was it always so-no I do not think it was-as I have said each level has given a differing kind of set of thoughts feelings and emotions and so on-I can well imagine that many of our addictions from smoking-drinking-drugs-and just about all addictions can be from trying to keep this FEED ME, FEED ME NOW! INNER RAVENOUS STATE HAPPY-but differing interpretations or concepts come with each level.

Also this is probably were intention comes into play-can I have intentions that work for myself? well we have many examples of peoples who have followed these paths and demonstrated as examples of people who have managed to maintain focussed intention until the ship came about and they found themselves in alignment with the Nature Of The Universe.

Yes She speaks a great deal about getting in perfect alignment with the Universe-this is also dependant on awareness and of course the observable patterns that we pay attention to.  Do we become our own patterns or do we pick up better and improved patterns from joining inner circles and spending our life savings-I have again found that my view changes with time.

So what else-well I have been thinking that it would be great to see some alternate coloured Santa Claus’s I mean lets be honest Mr Red Santa Originated Globally as a Coca Cola advertising Campaign he seems to not have any completion.  could Pepsi come out with a blue Santa advertising campaign for the 2000’s and the present Century?  Probably not though it would be interesting to hear “Look mom a blue Santa” echoing from the lips of our most self righteous peoples children.

So focussed intention huh, yes take a thought and hold it as your intention, this of course is similar to most meditational kinds of teachings-STAY FOCUSSED-when you find your focus being dragged away by some thought-let the thought go-and bring yourself back to being centered-so not all that different from other meditational teachings.  Of course having a currently seemingly ravenous FEED ME FEED ME NOW! Oceanic Awareness does come with its own problems, but it is a differing set of problems to those that I thought I had 5 years ago or four years ago or three years ago or two years ago or one year ago so progress at clearing out the unwanted unnecessary stuff that you do not need-opening up to seeing that we are all but drops in the Ocean and it can be more fruitful to be aware that you are not the Whole Of Existence.

It just occurs to myself that I did not or have not mentioned the other area that I felt triggered by-NON-NEGOTIABLE-according to Jedah Mali existence in NON-NEGOTIABLE-this does not sit well with myself simply because I have always had a belief in the right to die at a time and place of my own choosing above and beyond the law of the land.  By that I mean that things such-as suicide are actually criminal offences (In UK LAW) so if you fail to die-you can end up in court-WHAT A BLOODY NONSENSE!  This is actually an area I have studied endlessly over the years and I really do believe that every individual has a right to die at a time and place of there own choosing, of course this is different to Dave finding himself waking up in some hospital somewhere again through misadventure or death by decapitation.  Oceanic Consciousness notwithstanding SEPARATION OF THE HEAD FROM THE BODY does appear throughout history as a cause of death undisputed-used by squabbling cannibals in the South Seas and Japanese Samuri and the French Madam guillotine and so on.

What Well as it appears much material and flotsam and jetsam and CRISIS MY KINGDOM FOR A CRISIS, is happening at the present time.  I of course being Dave let most of these things pass through my awareness with little interest but FINANCIAL CRISIS and so on is at the forefront of many folks consciousness at the present time, regardless of the state of awakening that they are at-will I find a way to make money that does not involve bending over and taking one from Gary Glitter-well I have recommended what I believe to be the best Solutions Available anywhere in the World and some have come to similar conclusions and others not. CHOICE IS CHOICE and when MONGO PENFRIED asks if you TOM DAILY you can say “WHAT THE FUCK IS IT TO TOM DAILY?” and “Keep your strange ways and slang out of my existence experience please”.

This of course brings us into areas of TOLERANCE! WHAT IS TOLERANCE? I think tolerance is resistance, I could be wrong but that is a conclusion I keep returning to despite the level I am presently at-I have no need to tolerate anything really because how others choose to live and exist and so on is not my concern-unless such things have been forced into my concern as they have been in the past.  This is why I say a simply solution for myself can be to go to the Police, just because a Heterosexual slipped through the net and got a job in a Xenophobic environment, does not mean that said XENOPHOBES have a right to impose dreary and boring and heard a hundred times before misery inducing beliefs on him.

Right enough from myself for today-THIS BLOG IS FOR USERS OF HOLOSYNC AND ASSOCIATED TECHNOLOGIES ONLY-NON_USERS of these technologies would be wise to discontinue following.  I ask folks from all walks of life and levels of awareness to use discretion because I do not like feeling that materials written here are being used to bash others over the head, people at lower levels tend to do this beyond what is necessary and those sorts of behaviours do not serve you so let them go, rather than kill yourself for the sake of a belief that will eventually probably be broken.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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