Well It Is Nice To See So Many Non-reactive’s To These Posts

First Off, I could of course extend apologies to anyone feeling alienated or contracted by some of these posts-I know many of you do your best at working into these new paradigm’s and getting respective shifts and I am but one voice among many.  If you do feel alienated or contracted in any way then of course that is a sign that you may have unresolved issues that were triggered or whatever-I generally report on what is coming into my awareness so perhaps the best way to respond is to be calm and relaxed and witness what comes up in the days ahead (most of you do) yet I do seem to get triggered reactions that are perhaps from second-hand interpretations or one or two “Old Guard” musclemen making there presence felt.

Freedom for all and choice for all means just that, protection of any kinds of identity kinds of labels do tend to work against all of us whether we think we are correct or incorrect.  I was thinking about this a great deal recently again going back into the stories that we tell ourselves and the relationship between the stories.

For instance I have been doing much releasing-I for instance listen into replays of guided meditations from multiple sources such-as those of releasing with Sedona, sometimes I am drawn to listen to them, other times I give a particular expert a miss, so there is a level of instinctual guidance going on that comes perhaps from what Jedah Mali described as trust and surrender.

So where was I-ah now Christmas time of course is a time of family and all sorts of stories appear around our Christmas experiences of Christmas-I was thinking about this because like some of you I have lost various friends or family to various illness or misadventure and I keep coming back to “HOW MUCH OF ANY OF THIS IS ACTUALLY REAL?”

The reason I ask this question is that as I have said the more releasing I have done and the higher vibrational levels I have attained the less and less anything storywise seems true.  The hardest attachment stories seem to be often based around family whether it is spouse or parent or sibling or child, I have more and more come to the conclusion that even the nature of family relationships and interpretations of those relationships can be let go-even the most seemingly REAL stories are choice of story or representations of thought and form.  So one energy going know where not doing anything merely operating on a masked or hidden soul basis whereby the less we cling to the masks and beliefs the truer we see reality and the more empowered we can become.  I know myself that trying to detach or clear family stories is probably one of the hardest activities anyone can go through.  We instinctively hold steadfastly to many of these stories but what if-what if we could let go of some of these deepest of stories and attachments and through that letting go come back to them from more empowered perspectives and less masks and blind-spots and so on.

I seemingly stumble from one blind spot to another and am grateful that folks are patient and non-reactive to these posts as I said earlier.  So what else well we all have our own directions to go in-I find myself juggling between multiple courses-I see Daniel Amen has some new ADD course on his mindworks website, I was not expecting to be all that keen on his work because early on in my research and Holosync usage he did seem to be somewhat of a schmooze-if you know what I mean-I know we have Celebrity Doctors here in the UK-but they are not generally totally geared towards marketing and sales and all that goes into the good ol’ U S of A private health care systems.  Anyway I did have a look at one or two of his titles during my PhotoReading and because of that I find myself returning to his work that little bit more-it probably comes back to using all and any methodolgies that I can to bring about that greater alignment with the workings of The Universe and so on.

What else well I see England got the very best draw of any team possible for next years World Cup.  No I am serious-If I was paying the thousands of pounds to follow England to the World Cup then I really would like to see them play some of the better teams, you do not find much better than getting drawn against the dirty fowling cheating Uruguyans (Dunno how to spell) and dirty fowling cheating Italians, yes there is definitely a highly visible pattern to that draw and group that we find ourselves in-the best option will quite obviously be to pack our team with some dirty fowling B’stards of our own and ditch the skill merchants (have we got any at the moment?).  Of course the idea that a European team can win a cup on South American shores will be a new one to many folks but many firsts and presidents are set by those who dare to break the mould and be different and so on.

Yes what else, well when I look at some foreign news websites or languages I can say “this is all double dutch to me!” I say this because Holland has been on my mind-dutch of course being they’re particular language-some other wierd relationships-well as a child I recalled watching a foreign language dubbed program called Heidi.  I can recall very little about it-I think it might actually have been Swiss so where is the dutch connection?  well I recently spoke of comedy and there was that actor called Dominic Holland in a program called Hi-de-hi, I believe at one stage I actually saw him perform in some theatre production or other also, so lots of things circulating in relation to Dutch or Holland and clogs and Swiss (I like Toblerone at Christmas) and comedy.

Yes we actually had a war with the Dutch in our history, as those of you who have studied some of the books will know, and although it is generally regarded as the English and Britain who dominated the seven seas-it all came about through making deals with the dutch and banking piracy and so on-in fact you might say that the early British model was based on the dutch model only we refined and improved these things (It might be in “Why The West Rules For Now!”) but I have definitely read the same material or kind of story on multiple occasions-more than one book, so beware the dutch.

Right I have yet to sleep, meditate-have a grand weekend and remember these writings can be applied to any area of life the Universe and everything-so ditch the alienation and contraction and try and get some expansion going I know I am the last person to take advice from but I can do those things when others do those things-if that makes sense-Dave in desperate need of expansion and alignment of the Universe.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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