When Faced With Buying Decisions

So the week of freebies comes to an end and you are faced with a possible buying decision-by what criteria can I know if this is the course for myself?

Well as I said previously I was not motivated to get any of the earlier product freebies until I personally experienced some shifts with the Qigong and those shifts spurred myself into action and buying that particular course-so these things are quite easy to make decisions on-did I get any shifts?  For Myself the answer was one again YES so I have to weigh up the further pro’s and cons.

What I can say is that the missing elements relating to the Energy Centers and Chakras are once again in a similar vain to the Qigong in that Jedah guides you through a process of retuning your body into the so-called higher VIBRATIONS associating each chakra to a rainbow colour and musical tone vibrations-this is important for you international readers as you can see that whatever your language MUSIC TONES FREQUENCIES VIBRATIONS are all the same regardless of your own particular language and symbolic representational system.  So the language might be wrong but the TONES FREQUENCIES COLOURS ARE THE SAME.

Who else might that be relevant to-well anyone who is relatively new to the Holosync Experience and wants a boost could do know worse than use Holosync in the background whilst listening in to this course-they complement each other and will likely give you an accelerative boost regardless of the level at which you are at.

Another thing that put myself off buying was that Pete Bisonette said it was one of a couple of Desert Island courses, I.E. he would take this course to a desert island with him, I personally dislike his reading recommendations from PhotoReading so that recommendation is a negative to myself-however having listened in and of course having got some shift I use my own judgement over the external recommendation.

So yes it might be regarded as somewhat la-di-da by the majority of regular blokes but then I am not suffering in many of the ways that some of these peoples are clearly suffering-if that makes sense.

Now some might think based on some of my recent comments that I am against people doing sports and gym work-again that belief is false.  What I am saying is to be genuinely AWARE OF YOUR UNDERLYING REASONS.  I can well imagine that a number of guys got bullied at some younger age and decided to bulk up to get revenge or not have that experience-however those seemingly negative thoughts feelings and so on can still be playing out unconsciously 10,20,30 years later-so beware of your own reasons-a more positive attitude might have been that I simply want to be fit healthy and so on.  So be aware that even the biggest strongest bloke in a room can be playing out childhood fears thoughts actions that no longer serve them long after the purpose given has gone.

So it is now 07:45 am on Sunday the 8th of December 2013 and of course we all have our what are you going to be doing with your Sunday apart from having a disbelief that someone is up on a traditional lazy Sunday Morning listening to X-Easy Listening Radio Station on the wireless.  Well I personally like a quiet life and that does in many ways put me out of alignment with some of the greater truths that Jedah teaches and preaches, however I think my own being out of alignment was not though failure to embrace freedom and infinite grace so much as a desire to focus on wanting a peaceful quiet life. 

Another area that I like in her teaching is that she really does go with the Dr Who Tardis Philosophy Its Bigger On The Inside or rather we ourselves are already inside this greater going on of it all and the Chakra energy center work that she does really can get you feeling some of that expansive spaciousness that she speaks of.  IE you already have these energy fields around you and you can get them working for you now rather than some distant time in the future or however you see these things.

And yes she also teaches those intentions of being loving and kind towards yourself and these shell-like bodies that we exist and experience life through-so she really does embrace this idea of oneness and the Universe or God or Angel Nature comes through us rather than being somewhere out there over the rainbow or whatever.  I think I have built her up enough but as I say I was not expecting to like the course but it has given me some new shifts so there nah nah nah nah nah as they say.

What other things came up in my awareness, well at one point I found myself thinking about Leukemia-my sister in law Chris actually went through Chemotherapy treatment for this condition a couple of years ago now and it was traumatic for she and my brother Tim at that time although treatment was successful and they have moved on from that time.  I mention this because my very early schooling was at a local nursery and probably one of my very best friends at that time of life (aged perhaps 5 or 6) was an Indian girl and she DIED of Leukemia, she went through treatment and lost all her hair and had to wear wigs and so on.  I mention that because it was probably one of the very earliest experiences of loss and death that I have in my life experience, I have of course lost many elder relatives since then but on a consciousness level-her death as perhaps one of my earliest girlfriends was strange-where has this person gone? and so on.

I will leave you with that thought, where do these other souls go? how are these things explained to young children who have know concept (I certainly did not) that something called death exists.  We are taught that death exists but early childhood memories demonstrate to myself at least that it once again is an IDEA that is taught that when questioned appropriately can lead to alternative conclusions.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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