How Am I To Find The…

Now for many folks one of the big issues mentally is there apparently not being enough hours in the day to be able to do some of these courses, As I have said previously you do not necessarily have to be awake while you are doing them.  Sound strange?  Well one of the big issues for myself when I started with Holosync was the Floating CD, listen at bedtime and so on.  I persevered with it and will usually listen for a while before sleep.  The thing with floating is that is relies on you having done the regular Holosync meditation (In my opinion).

I mention this because Floating effectively works through the brain entrainment channels already created.  So what I do is I’ll put the floating CD in my Laptop and run it on PowerDVD or some other pre-installed Video Software, and then using windows media player, I’ll play one or other of the courses at the same time.  So I am effectively killing two birds with one stone.

Yes it can be good to be consciously aware and paying attention to what the Master or Teacher is saying but there is no harm in not being conscious for some of the materials and when you do find you have the time you may very well find that you know more than you think simply through having listened to the material like a background radio at bedtime.  I know some people cannot sleep unless a radio or music or story teller of some description is on in the background.  My own issue is that I am the opposite, I need quiet silence and so on, although Holosync has eliminated much of that or the associated thoughts feelings beliefs.

Another thing is to redo or repeat courses along with higher levels of Holosync.  So if you did X course with Prolog or Awakening Level it can be an idea to redo it at Purification.  Again you can do the suggestion above of having it running in the background.  Perhaps giving yourself the bedtime suggestion that my non-conscious will take in the necessary learning’s and teachings from this course and make then available to myself in my conscious waking hours.  (you get the gist), I make this suggestion because I really have found a great difference to exist between what I thought I was getting or reading at a particular level and what happened at a later level.

That is also why I reiterated to go back and read Holosync Blogs at each level because the experience may very well be different a 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th time or more through.  So yes many of the Teachers talk of Evolution and the Evolving Universe but there really is a great deal that can be found through reiteration of all the basic tools that they have provided us with.

I have found the most recent course to have been quite incredible (at my present level of Holosync) so will most definitely be going back to see if the shifts given by this one course alters my perceptions of some of the others.

We are all seemingly now counting the days down towards Christmas of course, some of you may be wondering if I have any thoughts feelings and so on regarding Nelson Mandela.

Well as a pattern you can see the story outline or framework time and time again throughout History:-

Man gets seriously pissed off, forms a revolutionary organisation, gets sent to prison for murder or encitement or hate preaching, writes a book, gets released rejoins respectable version of former organisation and goes on to become a National leader or hero etc etc.

This pattern is the Adolf Hitler Pattern, and it is also the Nelson Mandela Pattern.  So this is me bashing you over the head with whose version will give you the life you want?

On another note respective to this is that a “MANDELA” is a traditional MEDITATION TOOL! If you look up meditation and mandela you will very likely find a whole load of circular patterned images of wall rugs and so on that many traditional meditator’s stare at as a focal point for hours on end.  Again they are designed to change your focus and give you insights into the nature of existence.  I like them as visual art-forms beyond the meditative side of things, as to there getting results-well they are a tool and Holosync Binaural Beats or Jedah Mali type scripts are far more powerful initially than just staring into patterned rugs or candles etc.  Yes you can quiet the mind, I live with a quiet mind these days, but I still put the work in maintain that, and also see what other gems and abilities are available that I was previously unaware.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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