Outsiders Views

So there are many options available and many things that can be studied towards Enlightenment but one of the main points that I thought Jedah Mali emphasized well-was that everyone regardless of age colour creed nationality has abilities within themselves that can be tapped into and called upon irrespective of belief.

You might say that in fact my Princess Diana story was a prime example of that sort of thought process-whereby all that is needed are the motivation and feelings and so on.  I bring this up at the present time because I do sometimes get the impression that a desire to get nearer to someone else (seen as a master) can actually in many ways be an unrewarding philosophy.

My own view generally is that you learn what you can and take what you can out of any teacher or masters arsenal.   One of the greatest problems that has faced youth for some time including my own generation is the feeling of being boxed in or pigeon holed by external (seemingly authoritative figures) whose motives you may later learn were based on misunderstandings or alterior motives.

I see that we have the issue of same-sex marriage in the news so I thought I might give a point of view from someone who does not understand the workings or attraction of such relationships.

As a teenager (yes many years ago) I recall having a healthy interest in the opposite sex-however I also had a strong desire for independence and wanted to avoid feeling like I was owned or possessed by someone else or relied upon by someone else.  I wanted to make it on my own and then go into male-female relationships from a positional of mutual desires and so on.

One of the big issues that I can recall from that desire to remain single was that all-comers very often immediately brand anyone who wants to stay single as Gay.  The problem for a person such as myself was immediate-I simply do not and did not relate to this label in any way shape or form, I can look it up in a dictionary for an independent authoritative view and it clearly says something along the lines of male homosexual.

So because of that I am actually all for same sex marriage.  In my opinion it closes a thinking loophole that many folks rush for, no one can run away from being single by claiming to be gay and having some sexuality fostered upon them that they do not recognise or cannot be in alignment with.  I think that we will possibly see less people harmed because of this act of equality.

That is my current thinking on the subject although it is of course subject to change and there is also the issue of paedophilia associated with some of these types of peoples.  So do and be what you want to be in life but be aware that there are always alternative points of view to be considered.

Now some folks are saying what pantomime do we want to see this Christmas, I was thinking of Panto because we have had the same old boring Panto’s for what seems like forever.  I have as you know been looking into comedy and you might say I wonder if Dave’s comedy has improved? Unfortunately it has not in my own opinion at least, they say where do you get inspiration for comedy and the more enlightened you become the easier it is to see all the comedy potential walking talking and breathing all around you.  For instance if someone said lets redo ~Puss in Boots-where would you look for inspiration?  Why Ghastly Boots of course, so you could rewrite Puss in Boots as Ghastly Boots (It comes With A Twist), Oh know it doesn’t, Oh yes it does, lol sorry sweetie couldn’t resist.

Now that is of course one of the funniest comedy potentials of all here we are with a subject that just about everyone likes to push away from themselves and with gay weddings on the cards we could all be ,lining up to give these folks away, here you go you have ’em lol, so in many ways we should be thankful that they can now have something else to squabble over and so on, I don’t know if I am the only one to notice this, but there does often seem or appear to be more disharmony in some of those communities than among the rest of us.  So Do you Mona-stein take Mr stein to be… Yes I have also noticed that everytime I Dave say something critical or harmful out comes one halve of strange peoples wallets/purses (what will ya get this time? ) 

Now it has also been pointed out to myself that calling people Captain Pirate and so on is disrespectful, (I take the view ONLY IF THEY NOTICE). But one could well imagine receiving the following.

Dear Dave

you have now survived among us for 10 years and many things have changed during that period of time, it is dis dis wrong for you to call us Pirates.  The name of the company has been changed to get rid of old associations that people made with the Company.  We are now called CME N Staines that you associate us with are no longer appropriate, if you continue I will call in da big guns Pillock Ruse will deal wiv you in no uncertain terms. 

Okay so I will refrain from such behaviour where possible, although I was recently shocked when presented with an envelope at work-the usual here we go again thoughts sprang to mind.  It was to thank myself for ten years of service and I cannot complain because a cheque was included (always grateful for a little extra) and I get to choose a free gift  from the list minus the ghastly boots (already claimed apparently).

Yes the first thought was it was akin to being told by the Devil Right Lads Back On Your Heads!

A sinner dies and goes to     Hell, where he is greeted by the Devil.

The Devil says to him “You     have sinned all your life, for which I’d like to thank you”.

“Of course Hell is not a     pleasant place, but for your great services, I would like to offer you some     options, as to how you would like to spend you imminent eternity in torment.     I will show you three rooms and you can decide, which one would be the best     one for you”.

First the Devil showed the     sinner a vast room, which contained millions of other sinners standing on     their heads on a cold marble floor. The newly condemned sinner thought “Wow     that looks like a really uncomfortable way to spend eternity”.

He said to the Devil “Please     can I see the next room”.

So the Devil showed the     sinner another but even vaster room, which contained billions of other     sinners, standing on their heads on a warm wooden floor. The newly condemned     sinner thought “Wow that looks like a really uncomfortable way to spend     eternity, but wood looks a bit softer than marble, so that’s where I’ll     choose, if the third room doesn’t look better”.

He said to the Devil “Please     can I see the third room”.

So the Devil showed the     sinner another room, which was relatively small and which contained only a     few hundred thousand other sinners.

The newly condemned sinner     gagged at the over powering stench. This room was full of sinners who were     standing upright in pig’s excrement. The shit came up to their chests.     However they were drinking cups of coffee.

The sinner asked the Devil     “Is it OK for me to talk to some of the inmates here?”.

The Devil replied “Be my     guest”.

So the sinner called over to     some of the nearest condemned souls “Does the coffee here taste good?”.

They all agreed that it was     delicious.

“What sort of coffee do you     get?’ called the sinner.

“Long black, latte,     cappuccino, luwak,     alamid,     cut chon, expresso, in fact any coffee you could possibly want” was the     shouted response.

The sinner turned to the     Devil and said “I love coffee. I admit that I detest the smell of pig shit,     but at least it would be warm and no doubt I would get used to the smell     over time. Please condemn me to eternity in this room”.

The Devil granted the wish     and the sinner took his place near the back of the room.

Two minutes later the sinner     was standing up to his chest in sloppy warm stinking pig manure, sipping a     cup of Kopi Luwak. He thought “Wow,     considering the terrible things I’ve done, this isn’t bad”.

A few seconds later the     Devil, who was now brandishing a red hot trident, shouted “OK – the coffee     break is over. Get back on your heads”.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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