Is It Necessary To Do The Whole Bloody Lot

An Obvious question given all the multi-faceted courses available, all I tend to think is that you could imagine yourself standing on a large heap of excuses for all that has gone wrong or right in your life, and each course can remove some part of that heap from beneath you until eventually you find yourself at some kind of a ground zero point, where you once again have your own mind to see some of the greater truths and enhanced capabilities to be able to use them with some level of sensibility and wisdom.

Yes I do myself keep returning to thinking ‘how can I accelerate this process or that process’ but then when I look at all the suite of options available I know that I can pick and choose and return to areas that I perhaps whizzed through previously.  One of the courses I have not mentioned was genius code, and quite simply I did not think my readership would be particularly interested or want to be genius’. 

There are however one or two gem sections within that course that might be of interest to some of you.  I have tended to whizz through some courses and then return to them when I get asked to give feedback on them.  The truth is of course that many of the techniques and processes are ones that many of us have used in life anyway-I think it just demonstrates How much difference a level of Threshold can make to your life.

One thing that does keep being returned to around beliefs is of course where does the data come from-is it really already within us or is it coming through us via some external source or what.  My own view is that as my Threshold has risen and as I have retuned my body and so on whether through Qigong or Seeds Of Enlightenment that we go into this realm that some of you have probably heard of Inside Outside or what is Outside Inside.  I.E. All sensory data comes into us (our bodies) as waves and when we unclog our blocked filters and shake loose  from locked in beliefs and so on our minds and bodies start to once again operate in the fashion of perhaps a newborn baby, but where a little baby has potentially little choice as to understanding the World about them, we quite obviously do.  So we have removed layer upon layer of story, or reinterpreted story in wiser fashion each step of the way.

As Jedah Mali said in her course, everyone regardless of perceptions of deservingness or any other kind of judgement that can be thought of can use or have these abilities.  So as much as I’d like to throw stones all about at those folks for that or these other folks for this, there is little to be gained and I personally think as I have repeatedly said that wiser choices are to enable friends and family in the same ways and teachings and build up your own family and community. 

The other thing of course is that having put yourself through some of the seemingly tortuous meditation and self consciousness/awareness discoveries do you really want to continue in the life strategies that caused those kinds of build ups of self inflicted pain and sufferings.

As I have repeatedly said all I write here is DATA that comes up on a day to day basis in my meditative attention, that is different to folks claiming I am somehow manipulating circumstance or news or the lives of others, people are of course free to take what they read here and reflect on whether they themselves have similar DATA coming up, but that is not the same as running around actively seeking influence and or being actively malicious, some of you are advanced enough to understand what I mean by this and others not.

I have a greater level of control over what I think feel act and so on because I have cleared out much of the crap that was toxic to my own bodily systems as have a number of others, these symbols are meaningless beyond the meanings that any reader gives to them themselves, for myself it is simply mostly DATA to witness and see what feedback comes back through the greater wider World.

so as I have said on multiple occasion all reactions thoughts feelings are the responsibility of individual readers I.E. your own feelings caused by your own action in choosing to read what is written here, and I refuse to accept  third party gossip or nonsense that some folks seemingly always want to stir up.

Right enough for today, wow the weekend fast approaches

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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