So Why Do I Keep Dispassionately Referring To Data

Well like all of you reading this I can look to the life I have lived and see incidents and events that I could rush to place into a duality heap pile of some description be they people objects events classes characterizations or however our minds seek to carve up the mental Universe that is contained within each and every one of us.

We often get so attached to particular strategies or ways of thinking whether it is in relation to love and hate or doing business or interacting with others that the views get reinforced into all kinds of beliefs with deep run channels that can continue long after any value or meaning has long since expired.

I have quite simply found that the more releasing and letting go and meditation I have worked through the more expanded becomes my conscious awareness and seemingly greater capacities of space for new ideas or realization’s to appear.  You might say that the more of these mental boundaries have dissolved and melted away the closer I seemingly become to feeling light and energised and in being in constant harmony or flow or however one wishes to describe these things.

Whilst I am fully aware that the lower levels of awareness and the idea of “keys to the kingdom” have high value to many peoples, the more I progress the less I feel attached to even those ideas.  I simply go with the U2 songs of my youth The Joshua Tree Album perhaps reflecting many thoughts feelings and ideas of that generation-I still haven’t found what I’m looking for!

Now some say what is the best explanation that might be given for this idea of “The christ in me see’s the christ in you” and actually when I think through most of the literature I have studied it very often comes back to another sinner goes to the gates of St Peter type story.

Hale Dwoskin (Sedona) tells the story of someone who is given a choice between going to Heaven and Hell and the individual asks to see each place prior to making a decision.  Angel takes person to Hell where all the occupants are all sat around large dining tables filled with the very best foods to offer.  They are all sulking and when asked why complain of only being able to eat with these 11 foot chop sticks.

The individual is then taken to Heaven where the scene is exactly the same only this time the occupants are all happily using the 11 foot chopsticks and feeding each other.

So I think the learning’s and teaching’s no matter how far any of us progress or choose to proceed individually nearly always seemingly bring us back to the most simple kinds of morals, I hesitate to use the word moral because I have never like being moralised to and it is one that is loaded in many ways for many of us with all kinds of triggers, but then when we look back to early childhood stories they are very often centered around morals and so on and so forth.  So we all of us can understand these things already exist in our noggins someplace sometime maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but soon, of course then trying to be generous in such fashion when many early on in the releasing and meditation tend to go through stages of contraction is tough and constant rejection or disapproval or misplaced perceptional motives can be overwhelming and seemingly unsurmountable,  I just say keep going decide what are truths and untruths, decide what brings happiness and reward versus what brings the alternates, and see what paths might give you better lives.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂 


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