Dear Dave..

Dear Dave

Where the bloody hell am I going to get 11 foot chopsticks you plonker!

Del Boy

well as much as I’d like to say HERE ARE SOME I CREATED EARLIER

I only arrived at this through LATERAL THINKING, the name of the piece being played is of course chopsticks, and I am quite sure that were we to measure the keyboard we may well find that it meets the 11 foot requirement.  The only reason that I recall this movie clip is that it was actually one of the group of last movies I saw at the cinema prior to my death.

And of course the real question is where else are chopsticks appearing in my life at the moment-well I was not expecting it but once again we go into the more surreal realms.  There I was working my regular Friday night shift and during one of my breaks I am quietly sat at my usual table (the canteen upgrades tables and paint have been great by the way, shame about one or two seemingly dodgy/faulty doors but overall I think it is much improved).  So I’m sat at aforementioned table when click clack click clack, I look up and there before me a new starter has sat down seemingly ignoring Dave’s vibe that everyone else seemingly manages to run from munching regular looking sandwiches with CHOPSTICKS, what nationality are you says I of an inquiring mind, I am Thai she says offering myself a serving which I politely decline having already eaten the content of my own lunchbox.  So there you go-absolutely no effort required when you open yourself to awareness and making note of SYNCHRONICITY’S.  Do I give it any meaning beyond that, no not really but I hope you can see that these things do start becoming quite regular type occurrences when you pay attention to the World about you so to speak. The other thing of course is that she is from a part of the World where enlightenment and Budhist monks and Zen type peoples are regular fare so, whilst most Europeans shy away from myself through outward appearance folks from some other parts of the world are perhaps more attuned to the types of peoples they feel sensorily comfortable around or safe around, this is not necessarily true of course but it seems quite rational or logical to myself.

Now because I had chopsticks playing around in my mind and more specifically 11 foot chopsticks, I did try to think about it some more and was going along the lines of Rumple stilt skin not sure on spelling but the operative part for myself was the combination of that particular childhood fable and the stilt part being in the name.  Stilts of course used by circus performers to create the illusion of super long legs and height.  Of course modern metal jointed stilts are very different from those of circus performers I saw as a child, those great long pieces of wood. Thinking about circus’s of course led myself to another more recent film that I watched at the cinema called Madagascar 3 with my daughter Rose on a recent visit.

So a zebra in a 3D cartoon manages to transform into some very strange looking creature, although a longer version of the song did appear later in the movie for those that want to hear it, lol.

So rewinding a little I do find myself contemplating what other triggers the rumple stilt skin story brings to my attention.

Anyways enough from myself for now possibly more later, enjoy your respective weekends 🙂

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