Have I Exhausted This Line Of Exploration and Enquiry

Now one of the issues that many of us get when our strategies have not worked particularly well is into states of worthlessness and drying up in whatever area of exploration you are pursuing.  In meditation terms IE whilst setting time aside to actually meditate the advise is to bring yourself back to being centered and not chasing spurious thoughts that will all come rushing up fighting for your attentions.


The meditation is of course only one side of the coin and a very good side that it is in leading us to wisdom and enlightenment.  However we still want to be able to use our minds capabilities in a better fashion than we have perhaps done in the past. 

My thinking about chopsticks was an example of this where I may have simply dismissed it but on that particular occasion I thought I’ll flow along with it and see where it leads, yes I could have dried up with the rumple stilt skin but then thought on it some more and up popped Beetlejuice a film from the very same year as Big-directed by Tim Burton http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beetlejuice

This particular film is pretty much a rumple stilt skin story.  You might say that it is not in the traditional mould that you might expect because Tim Burton does tend to explore the more warped and surreal type realms of film making but the story is non the less a Rumplestiltskin FABRICATION, and by fabrication I mean that it contains therein the same underlying frameworks that have simply been given an alternative kind of spin.

After that I have dried up on chopsticks unless of course I break it up and say c hop sticks, a possible alternate name for crutches and other assisted walking aids.  That does of course tke us back into the land of stories such-as the Pied Piper of Hamlin and the kid who through being on crutches could not follow or likewise the Dickens Tiny Tim Character from A Christmas Carol, my own particular favourite comedy version of that story was Scrooged played by Bill Murray as a TV executive whose “Staple the Antlers on the mice” cruelty is one of those classic gags that tends to stay with you. 

So of course I have pretty much dried up on chopsticks at the present time but instead of trying to force something to come up in my awareness, I’ll say I am letting that thread go for now and non-conscious mind if you can continue researching my inner consciousness for any other related materials to bring to my attention at a later time let it be so.

Pat myself mentally on the back and perhaps start on a whole new thread or story or idea that is pushing itself forward at the current time-sometimes you can do some dream writing exercises such-as

Last night I dreamt…

That I recommended a while back now and literally just keep on writing any old junk that comes into your awareness, likewise the genius code course has some similar formulated visualization exercises, where you are basically encouraged to practice and just see what happens as you progress.  You can do such an exercise each day lie the my inner garden that I think I mentioned previously.  Another is called borrowed genius where you imagine yourself literally stepping into someone else image or body and asking yourself how does this person think, what sensory information do they use, are they visual, auditory, kinesthetic and so on, so there are lots and lots of possibilities, many of us do or did these kinds of things as we were growing up anyway or kept such thought processes to ourselves because they are often misrepresented by others or wrapped up in fears of some description or otherwise. 

One possible overcoming fear activity for two or more people is have one person lead about another person the other person is of course blindfolded, as you go on some kind of walkabout, the blindfolded individual can again give descriptive images of what thoughts feelings smells and so on they are experiencing in the body and so on, this is probably a fun activity for younger folks and can probably overcome or work through those old night-time darkness fears that you might have somewhere about yourself.

I say yourself because as you know the further I have progressed the more the whole body or whole of our individual being is included, so we go from being stuck in the head, to a broader or wider set of sensory information that is available to each and every on of us who is willing to put some work in and do some of the necessary explorations and internal enquiries.

As I have said contraction does seem quite natural early on and you really do need to asking what is causing me these feelings of contraction and so on. 

The problem for most of us is of course accurate translation of information, our smell system might give us images of roses or toilets or our feeling/kinesthtic might give us touching the hot stove or feeling the soft silk bed linens, so anything can and does come up and it is up to us as individuals to explore the metaphorical type meanings, if you are stuck you can say non-conscious I want to explore this information again from an alternative perspective or angle.  So it is just about letting go unwanted past traumas or taking the seeds of enlightenment out of what we all of us contain to some degree or other.

So yes keep up regular meditation, as that does for myself at least seemingly bring up everything overtime, some things I am aware of others not I just feel as if something has shifted without my necessarily knowing what it was, and again that can be a good thing because if I knew what some of the things were the conscious mind would once again going chasing thoughts and lines of enquiry that probably do not serve, so I meditate on one hand and work towards better alignment and integration of processes towards a better and more choice enabled life.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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