Do You Suffer From Holly and Ivy A.K.A HIV

The reason I bring this up at the present time is that I am seemingly having lots of medical related thoughts coming into my consciousness at the current time.  Many in fact related to why don’t you create a cure for this ailment or that ailment or however ones wishes to describe the multi-faceted World Health Organisation’s catalogue of diseases and conditions and so on and so forth.

I bring up AIDS because that is indeed playing or dancing at the forefront of my consciousness, so I will wave my magic wand and say lets have a refresher on my own personal History.

So I was born in the 1970’s and had my teenage years during the 1980’s when this deadly killer virus first crept into societal awareness.  AIDS was known initially as Ass Infected Death Sentence among the youth of my generation, many of us thanking fuck we were not part of the Heterophobic or gay community that it was prevalent among.

So I during my teenage years was through parenting spending much time being indoctrinated in the ways of Bible-bashing, some friend of my parents “found God” and they decided that we were all going to ‘find God’ too, so my teenage years were not particularly happy ones, I had been a latchkey kid toughing it out on the mean streets of Newton Farm, Hunderton, the old lines and so on then we moved to Tupsley-so I had literally been taken out of my element with the move away from areas and peoples and Schools I knew.  The new area whilst being a far better house to live and so on did not have the same kinds of folks I was used to having to deal with-so I became somewhat introverted and isolated and was also being religiously indoctrinated with predominantly Evangelical type teachings, I went to see World famous preachers such-as Billy Graham and so on.

So anyway we then hit 1984 Etheopia famine appeal and Bob ‘give me yer fucking money’ Geldoff and assorted International famine relief Aid Campaigns happened on a scale not seen before or since.  The famine stuff was also related to the Aids stuff because it was all happening around the same time and the famine was we were being told causing the faster spread of this killer retro virus (a retro virus copies itself within your healthy cells until there are more infected cells than healthy cells and your immune system simply cannot identify to judge among the cells which are healthy and which are otherwise  so your body ends up killing you in trying to kill the virus-if that does not make sense read this

So anyway as a teenager and brainwashed bible-basher I was you might say at the peak of my Psychical type abilities, probably something to do with Hormones and so on, yet when the AIDS virus moved into the Heterosexual community it really took off and so did all the awareness campaigns and boy were they pretty damned scary and hard hitting.

I myself kept repeatedly having really really intense and strong dreams around those times that I was immune to the virus and in fact my immunity was because I was going to be the source of the cure.  Yes I know just ego-based teenage kid type dreams but they were really intense and powerful dreams non the less and just as scary as the awareness campaigns, I imagined being taken away and kept prisoner for my blood and all sorts of weird things.

So then as we all know towards the end of the 80’s I die, left lower leg separated from crushed body and all the new blood (created in the thigh bone) pouring out in a great massive thick oozing puddle onto the floor was my lower leg should have been.  I wake up in Hospital with scaffolding around reattached leg that is so swollen up it is now the size of my thigh and I was on an intravenous drip, I was on the drip for what seemed like forever as I had lost much of my bodies fluids and was being given huge blood top-ups.  So anyway as I have repeatly said the World I woke up in was not the World I had left.

So couple of years of learning to walk during which time it becomes news that blood screening was being introduced because many people had received infected blood in Hospital wards around the UK and indeed the wider World at large.  Well that is just fucking great says Dave, I have never had a test nor will I ever take one.

So yes life went pretty much to shit thanks to seemingly having been born in the wrong city in the wrong time period and so on.  But anyway I still have a belief somewhere around my personage of that immunity and so on, it might in fact not be myself who has a cure, perhaps my daughter Rose being of mixed race origin (the disease is described as coming out of Africa) has a cure somewhere in her genetic makeup-who knows we all think of blood as a fluid that gives life to our bodies and of course anyone who wants a cure for this ailment or that ailment wants one now not in a hundred or two hundred years when one is discovered.

Anyway that is just a view on medical thoughts that have been coming into my own awareness and I do actually believe that anyone who takes up Holosync and some of the Learning Strategies programs may well find they can dissolve beliefs in any of these ailments-I have myself become Healthier as I have gone through the programs and that is ehy I recommend them-do not take my word for it try them for yourselves and those that you LOVE.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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