Snippet Thinking Towards Fluidity

Okay so in talking about the fluidity of blood I later found myself considering the fluidity of money, one of the great difficulties early on  with many of these processes can be flowing fluidly with the non-conscious materials.  We all of us have what the Masters call CONSCIOUS EDITORS, and these can often serve as lifelong blocks to awareness and greater self mastery, the repetition of using techniques that bypass the conscious editors have to be repeatedly used.

The Genius Code teaches them as does Photoreading because you are constantly asking  questions during the processes, what information do I want from this material, what can I ask this author and so on etc, also write multiple questions down say half a dozen you want answering mix them up and then choose one without looking to see what it is, that your non-conscious is going to give you the answer too-so again you are relearning to learn techniques in bypassing your EXPERIENTIAL EDITOR SUITE.

So what snippets have come up for myself relating to IDEAS of money fluidity-well I used to work in retail at one time and many folks often wonder how a Company such-as Tesco managed to outgrow many of its competitors-apart from the quality of service-where did the money flow happen?  So a Tesco legend I will now impart to yourselves.  Many traditional shopkeepers used to do a Monday-Friday and then the takings would be placed in a bank for the weekend earning perhaps 3% interest.  Tesco reputedly bypassed this mechanism of banking by loaning there takings every weekend to Merchant bankers effectively taking greater control of there own money management and flow they could charge the bankers higher rates for the weekend loans say 5 or 6 or 7 per cent than the competitors got for simply leaving the money in the bank.  This is of course regarded as a higher risk strategy but then when you know that banks do this type of activity themselves with your money for your 3% you might as well cut them (as middlemen) out of the process and do it for yourself at your own rates.

Where else has my thinking been at well reading wise I found myself drawn to a chap by the name of Ken Robinson and went through several of his books, anyone who has heard of TED.COM will know I believe he holds the record for the most viewed lecture.

Robinson a name most of us have heard of through book and film we have of course The Swiss Family Robinson and Robinson Crusoe with his famous cannibal friend Man Friday, Friday of course takes myself to the band called The Cure and one of there biggest hits “Friday I’m In Love”

and I hope some of you can see that the Tesco retail story also ties into the Friday/weekend themes so fluidity of thinking and inter-connectedness of groups and clusters of seemingly disparate thoughts can be given meanings or not depending on how well you are working yourself to making the non-conscious conscious in viable enabling ways.

CIAO for Now I am of to sleep 🙂

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