Dr Amen I Presume

So I waited and waited and my package finally arrived and of course not wanting to wait any further I listened to the lectures right off the bat so to speak.  Again he does refer to his own product line and experience primarily with brain scanning, a trained Psychiatrist he repeatedly makes the point that his profession is one that knows the least about the body part they are dealing with, until of course he himself came up with his use of brain scanning as a why of identifying personality issues and brain disorders.

The lectures are a combination of stories relating to his research and the fact that his reputation and so on developed by word of mouth rather than through traditional clinical means.  By that people with issues went to him, he designed them programs and those programs worked and they would tell friends and he grew in stature as the technology advanced and as the knowledge database that he and his business compiled has grown.

So again he likes a challenge and even when he found himself seemingly up against his own inner voices or conflict he chose to take the Joe Vitale What-if-Up spiral attitude whereby he always sort to use each knew case as an opportunity to learn and improve results as he went along.

Again like many of these teachers he is qualified in multiple disciplines not just the area that he is known for so he is another who has sought to expand the possibilities and potentials and overcome his own set of limiting beliefs and doctrines.  He over a period of time of just kept going, his books are entertaining and the lecture set I bought was quite cheap but something I felt I could personally learn something from, in this spirit of continuously learning to learn and breaking down ones own mental barriers and walls and so on.

I can relate to that because some shift seem quite small then at other times I have massive OMG type moments of realisations, where I may have not noticed a shift until well after the fact and so on, they do kind of creep up on you.

So despite rushing Holosync I am pleased that I bought into some of these other courses because whilst one route may have been the best at clearing trauma I was not necessarily learning the best of what to replace it with and I really do feel that all these courses overtime really can accelerate anyone into a place of awareness or better beingness than they may have experienced for some time or anytime really.

Of course each teacher is teaching the same thing to a certain extent but knowing and being and having the integration does not necessarily happen all at once, repetition of process and trying on different types of tutorials and so on are all contributors to experiencing those magical type moments of divinity, for lack of a better description, I know most of my readership prefers A-theistity if such a place exists.

We are of course creeping ever closer to the big day in the year that seemingly requires several weeks worth of shopping and so on, I have actually had multiple jobs over the years that required I work Christmas day and boxing day and so on, so am pleased that I am not working them this year, future years who know what the future will bring.

The deeper you get into this conscious time ever-present moment known as now the more you realise that it is not necessarily all that can be held up to be, you still  have to earn money, learn friendship and get re acquainted perhaps with the truer meanings of many things that we usually have quite shallow regards for.  The fears are often easier and easier to let go off because you really do get to a place where you realise just how truly selfish some folks are, yes you can have a healthy self regard, a healthy love also yet there do seems to be levels of awareness of even the most seemingly obvious of things, and we often learn the lessons to late in one instance but we are sometimes presented with the opportunities to take the learning out of past experience and correct ourselves now.  I am still learning and will continue to do so.

Thank you for reading and may the force and the truth of your own heart be with you whoever and where ever you are on the scale of what it is to be human 🙂

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