Gimme Five, On The Side, Up Above, Down Below

You Are Much Too Slow

So there I am throwing out these buzz words and phrases and it does of course rely on any readers having the same base rate knowledge to be operating from, unfortunately taking these things for granted can as we all know be fatal in our ability to wisely judge appropriate courses of action and so on.

The title is a kind of clapping hands together street style meet and greet term for those of you who have know such experience of the phrase.  However that is a distraction to what I was going to write about so without further ado I will go straight to the terms that many folks are struggling with.

So the first one is called ANTS and ants simply means AUTOMATED NEGATIVE THOUGHTS.  So we all of us can probably relate to having or experiencing ANTS in our heads in one form or fashion to another.  Whether is is that I cannot do this or experience that, these ANT patterns when you think about it can be highly debilitating, unless you devise a strategy of some kind that enables you to overcome them.

This takes myself onto a phrase I mentioned recently called WHAT-IF-UP thinking.  So what-if-up thinking might be regarded as a reinforcement of more life enabling thought processes. Every time you have an ANT appear in your consciousness you can go to some WIU self talk into a better state or attitude.  What if today is going to be great, what if this job interview gets me the job, what if,,, and so on.

So you can see that it is once again a process of replacing some self-defeating or perhaps self-sabotaging thought patterns with more positive lets get this done, I can have this I can do that etc etc.

For many of course the issues can be working deep in your non-conscious, you might say that learning to THINK is akin to having to break up the automated patterns or paradigm that you are operating in and release or this negative self talk stuff so you can give yourself a new thinking strategy.  It is truly unfortunate that many folks engage tongue prior to thought but that is simply because for them a process is so automated that simply stopping and counting to five or creating any other kind of self injuncture is a new thought pattern that they may not have room for in there noggin.  Holosync creates the room (In my experience) and also enables and gives guidance on new thinking strategies that you might find quite useful, of course many people take great offence that others might think them requiring alternate perspectives on the meaning of life the universe and everything but then, it can be argued that such technologies are operating from a place of neutrality.

In the “my shit does not smell” stakes these technologies can be bought sold and used by just about anyone, I was reminded of this a few years ago on a visit to Egypt where I got on perfectly well and had a great time with some fellow Arab guests, yet the moment I stated I was English was akin to that slow motion silent ball of tumbleweed rolling across the empty savannah, the mood changed in an instant and took a little while to return to being at the prior or earlier levels, an instant wall of distrust based on upbringing perhaps or the good new from Iraq or where-ever our imperialistic tendencies were currently operating crusades at in the Middle-east.  Having said that the shop keepers regard you money as being just as good as anyone else’s money and that is an attitude I learnt early on in retail, do not judge a book by its cover because you might find yourself rejecting your biggest payday.

We often see examples of this where some wealthy star who is going through a dress like a tramp stage is turned away by some unsuspecting snob, who is all about being sparkly on the outside, but in truth the best sparkle for anyone to have is one that starts at the deepest core of your being.

That does not mean that dress codes should not be respected, I know some stores such-as Harrods in London require a minimum dress code or have done in the past and that adhering to such a dress code can be akin to going to an event, and if you can sell your product as being akin to attending an event then you are likely going to have an inbuild ready made audience out there somewhere for what it is that you are providing, whether that is a service or a good or whatever.

Any way I have seemingly gone way way off topic but yes even when defining phrases and buzz words and so on you also have to define the FOUNDATION UPON WHICH THE APPROPRIATE FRAMEWORK OF UNDERSTANDING CAN BE BUILT.

Thank you for reading and as Aerosmith used to sing Don’t Get Mad Get Even, nope me neither so I’ll leave as always with a God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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