Has Grave Instinctual Concerns

So there I was thinking of course about Christmas stories and relational information of a historical nature and my instincts really kicked of big time regarding my place of work and this shall we say has led to my having some grave concerns as to what has been coming into my consciousness so to speak.

The best remedy for myself of course is to compile relevant information here to see if my mind is getting carried away with itself or whether my non-conscious is screaming at me in trying to let myself know something of potential disasters heading ones way. I WILL WITNESS WHAT I WITNESS.

So nothing written here is absolute information merely abstractions of deductive reasoning’s that have I hesitate to use the word crept up into my conscious mind to a level whereby I can no longer ignore it all.

So first of all

We all know typical historical stories that contain Dickensian type characters such-as those from Oliver Twist, unfortunately none of the characters from that particular story fill your heart with any kind or gladness or joy (IMO) we have the Fagin type characters and The Artful Dodger and so on.

You might say in fact that we see a heightened level of these sorts of characters crawling out of the woodwork at Christmas time, so for employers recruiting at or in the run-up to Christmas can be a nightmare, simply put you are going to get some of these criminal elements slipping through your net and you have to accept that they are likely already among you ALSO ~(LONG TERM EMPLOYEES).

Now for some reason I have found myself taking notice of a poster among many on a Company’s notice board, the poster is actually for a positive activity “We will match your funding”

Historically of course the Company once lost a building in a FIRE in the 80’s (during my teens and time of heightened psychical abilities etc. I described earlier) and for some reason my head started screaming at myself as to relevance of linkages between these seemingly disparate things. To the best of my recall as to the events surrounding the fire, I only saw local press and heard word of mouth theories, I think it was given a plausible explanation as to the investigations and so on and so forth, the suspicion of arson, or insurance job, or other less savoury explanations has never been lifted because perhaps a cloud of secrecy and double dealing and so on was never going to be data-mined successfully in a work environment nicknamed scum valley and the type of employees attracted by NOTORIETY.

So what else? Is that all?

Well I have in fact found myself talking recently to an old chap from security as he goes about his nightly walk through the buildings, amiable and polite enough sometimes he’ll stop and chat awhile other times not, we go months of nodding politely and sometimes he’ll sit for a minute or two and talk, he was at one stage a former manager.  Anyway he has this week stopped and chatted and mentioned he was working throughout the Christmas period. 

So that was another trigger.

Recently a job at Yazor road was advertised for a Total Clean manager, the chap who had fulfilled that position for many years has recently retired or decided to move on, I used to work 12 hour over-time shifts with Tom and his crew a few years back and again I recall he himself talking in relation to fire issues and the after effects of some of those events from way back when.

So you might say that all these little semi-conscious things have built up and built up until now where I feel I am at a stage where they can no longer be ignored.  Has a former employee from that time been recruited, is blackmail over those events and/or the Karmic Truth unfolding before the eyes of someone who prospered?

Yes all very strange but unravelling’s happen and when badness happens you do not want to be the one fitting and feeling the karmic pains haunting from distant pasts that they may be.  Always amazed at the things successful folks forget when they think they have escaped the wrath of God over deeply repressed and buried memories.

So I thought I would share that information because someone somewhere says closure has not yet happened if not forgiveness of suspicions.

So moving on-what else

Well a change of subject-Can mass transformation truly take place on a societal herd like  scale


I as a youngster with northern routes was brought up supporting Liverpool, my mother being from Crewe in Cheshire (No not the cat) a well known feeder club for the bigger club just down the road.  I supported  Liverpool from an early age right up until my death, when as I mentioned earlier pretty much rejected having a continued interest in Sport.  You might say the Liverpool I supported was at its heyday in winning trophies and the famous boot room managers.  Manchester United really took off  around the time I gave up interest in Sport.  We now see that just as the great Liverpool spell was broken, the Alex Ferguson Manchester United Spell is currently going through its dying motions.

Liverpool stumbled for a few years before giving up the ghost of a winning script formula and I suspect United will do the same now, this is a good thing because it means chaos and confusion is happening and if you are in any kind of awareness level then the confusion will lead to an improved state of being-yes even for you United diehards too.  Better to flow than be crushed (As I was) by time.

Well that is enough and I hope anyone else who has been getting some of these instinctual relationship thoughts to past events can perhaps make better headway with the information than I myself am at he present moment.

Than you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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