Who you Gonna Call? I Can’t Hear You?

Ghostbusters of course famous for bringing down a giant Marshmallow man and not by tying his shoelaces together either.  The eighties film industry of course has a lot to answer for.  Not everything about the eighties was bad though I do recall making a number of trips to various seaside resorts around the Country, probably the most visits to a funfair at a place called BARRY ISLAND.

Why do I say this, well I would not want anyone to think that life as a teenager in the eighties was all bad as I may have given the impression.  so what else can lead us to break through or break outs?

Well have you ever wanted a particular person to be guilty of something so much that you try and try to find something that sticks and is true yet the more work you do the more you find that the individual you want to be guilty is innocent and that they in fact are surrounded by the real genuinely guilty parties?

So someone pisses you off and you think right then what is going on here kind of thinking but you know that know matter how many times you say Too much pepper in the gravy or too much pepper in the gravy or too much pepper in the gravy, the person listening always has an automated way of hearing what they wanted to hear rather than what was said such are the subtle changes that awareness and peeling back the layers or tones and intonations can give you.

This can of course go beyond Arthur Conan Doyle like Sherlock Holmes deductive reasoning and take us into the realms of Agatha Christie land.  A number of Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes stories explored this very theme whereby the more you tried to  pin the tale on the donkey, the more you found that the donkey was a mule or a horse and not the donkey you were looking for.

So the same logic can be applied to individuals in work environments be they long term staff or short term staff, you have to be able to separate wheat from chaff in some fashion, the problem of recruitment and advancement by association is a place of great error in my opinion,  some folks who have been in places for many years can to all intense purposes mimic the thoughts feelings attitudes and actions of others around them without realising that this is what has gone on, and even worse, you might find that someone you thought to be in league with the devil simply caught the shadow of a truly evil work colleague who passes themselves of as somehow decent and respectable having gotten away with crime after crime after crime.

So do not be quick to point the finger until you have isolated the real source of the criminality among the work football team or social group or whatever.  I am reminded of course of the opposite of this from “Murder On The Orient Express” a Hercule Poirot Story I believe that uncovered the truth of everyone being guilty of having something to do with the murder of a fellow passenger.  Like wise the same sort of theme was used in the renamed “And Then There Were None” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_Little_Niggers

So one of the major reasons that I have done so much releasing is because of this aspect of vibrations attract like vibrations and when you have been in particular environments for too long you may find yourself suffering some truly terrible ailments through this associative crap.  Of course I spoke earlier regarding Dickensian type thinking and one of the problems can be that these types of characters WANT A REASON TO NOT HAVE A JOB, THEY UNCONSCIOUSLY GO AROUND TRYING TO PICK A FIGHT WITH AN EASY TARGET SUCH-AS DAVE TO ENSURE THEY LOSE THE JOB. 

This was also pointed out in the Daniel Amen Lectures I recently bought and listened to, he mentioned that a colleague had decided to do a brain study of certain types of dysfunctional peoples, and where did he go to get people for his study?

He went to a temporary job agency

The logic being that people who could not hold down jobs for very long were found on the books of agencies, because they these peoples kept deliberately or non-consciously self sabotaging themselves into losing the jobs they were given.  The results of that study linked in with Dr Amen’s own brain scanning studies where he was able to pinpoint just about anyone you can think offs particular issue simply through looking at there scans, but the good news is that in following his recommendations for sometimes very small changes in thinking strategy or behaviour can have massive results in the way you see and function in the World.

My mentioning of the amen studies must mean he is growing on myself further and further the more I think about what I listened to and how it links in with all the other learnings and teachings I have been taking on board these last few years.  having said that I will probably find I ill not be meditating very much during these Holidays as my time seems to become less my own sharing it as I do with the Daughter.

So two early morning posts and I have to go to work tonight a Sunday BAH FUNNY FACES FAB ICE CREAMS

Thank you for reading and I wonder what will unravel next 🙂

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