Who Is Playing Pass The Parcel With Arthritis?

So returning once again to the medical theme and reinterpretations in the Wider World within without and so on and so forth.

I probably mentioned previously that I was told to buy myself a walking stick aged 17, however once I got myself walking without any kind of prop (It really did take me two years) I wholeheartedly rejected that deciding I could survive without one, I recall others from that time period who were told similar things and have over the years seen them hobbling along with walking sticks, so they made the “mental choice” to “comply” with medical expertise and I myself rejected it, please do not take that as a gross generalization because some folks truly do need the walking aid, I my will probably have one later in life but the challenge has always been to see just how long I survive with the crutch so to speak.

So what else-well I was also told that because of the damage to joints and bones I would be more susceptible to ARTHRITIS.  Although it would not probably be an issue until mid life.  The reason I mention this are again somewhat surreal.

I have 3 immediate managers in my place of work, two of whom I believe to have similar medical related bone and joint type issues (to myself) and I am of the belief that pass the parcel is taking place on a subconscious or non-conscious level in relation to issues of Arthritis.

What are you saying Dave?

Well lets imagine that you are your environment and that you encompass all that is within the environment be it a place of work or house or what ever, where ever you are and who ever you are, you carry your own World around with you in your head and body, whether you believe that to be true or not depends on how far you have advanced, I am quite sure I can call on some folks who know the greater truth of what I am saying.

So during the course of this year I started with one work colleague who happens to have Art in his name, I am ending this year with 3 colleagues all of whom have Art in there names.  You might think well there are hundreds of co-workers and yes that is true, but if your business is a living breathing organism then a build up of three Arts in a very small team of 7 spells potential trouble especially for the unaware.  Two of those Three have transferred between the managers with similar bone and joint issues to myself.

How does aware enable change, well when you bring the non-conscious materials into the light of day it can give you a new perspective and a new perspective can enable you to take alternative courses of action to those that are presently happening on a non-conscious level, I know some folks who have concerns relating to cancer and again you need to look at the World about you as a living breathing organism and see where the blocks or build up of related information’s are happening and how that may or may not be related to your own physical body.  Is it worth it?  Well I have found that the more I have progressed with releasing and so on-the healthier I have become, so you have to go deeper into the trust and surrender teaching and use modalities such-as Qigong and SOE that retune your body to have the associated breakthroughs, whilst as a youngster belief was enough, as we progress in life getting or maintaining health when surrounded and bombarded by negative compliance techniques can be as easy as you give yourself an awareness advantage. 

Yes I am not in a Human Resources department and do not have the relevant information as to the overall flow and balance of the Company staffing as a whole but some statistics when viewed by someone at a higher level might prove valuable in creating a more stable flow or balance among the lower echelons of staff.  That is of course only relevant to those who are experiencing enlightenment difficulties, those who have progressed may find that the need for external guidance becomes less and less important as you proceed.

I can be healthy and pain free, as this year has demonstrated for myself, but being attacked on a non-conscious issue that is someone else’s non-conscious issue does not help.  That is why the more folks you can bring into your circles of awareness the better for everyone, irrespective of life long held behaviours and all the rest of accumulated junk that does not serve.

Can the junk be made to serve-yes you can do the meditation and you can do the courses that help you mentally release and re-organise your own inner self so you are no longer living from a non-conscious paradigm.  When you get little shift after little shift you can become increasingly confident as to the direction required for you individually and those in the World about you as a Whole.  I cannot tell others how to live there lives but I can bring them to a level of awareness whereby they have little choice but to accept greater truths.

well that went on and on somewhat-It was recently suggested to myself that I have an attitude problem

I may well have an attitude problem and be proud to have an attitude problem especially given the amount of garbage I have had dumped upon myself in recent years.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 😉

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