Twas The Day Before Christmas

Twas The Day Before Christmas and Pestilence was rife, Mongo was whoring I Want A Turkey For The Wife, I think that’s illegal in this day and age, but only if they notice said The Queens Page

Will villainy prevail beyond what it should, could rat infestations rain out of the sky , would anyone notice, oh no not I, the pressure the pressure just give us a drink, I’ll have a bit of everything be sure to not blink

We wish you a Merry Christmas sings the Choir bought to go-all the way to Lapland where the Bambi’s are shot a fine kind of venison for those in the know, oh dear what can the matter be I’ve run out of batteries

Yes no matter how many Christmas’ you have had in your life time, take a moment to pause and think of that poor little bastard somewhere whose gadget came with a faulty power cable or found the included batteries to have a 2 hour lifespan and cannot buy any replacements until at least 24 hours later. 🙂

Well here we are after 2 months of build-up and has it been worth it?  I suspect that for many all Christmas does is remind them of why they avoid some family members throughout the rest of the year and of course it can be a time of pressure and rows and being patronised and all kinds of story twists and turns.

I myself of course have managed to have relatively quiet Christmas’s in recent years, although one subject I think I have not mentioned is why do people obsess about wanting a boy or a girl as a child?  Despite my daughter being a girl I have managed to make many so called boy toys a norm for her just so I can play with them too lol 🙂

I think that is perhaps one of those great tragedies or indeed the cause of many tragedies for some folks in the sense that one sex can generally be allowed to cross all boundaries whilst the other lives its life within all kinds of accepted straightjacket societal type norms, many of which (In my opinion) can lead to dysfunction and so on later in life, if not the lives of those particular folks’ children, far better to let children have broader all round interests than have high expectancies that can never be attained or satisfied. Possibly

Yes social commentary is always a foggy grey area, we all want the best but few have sat down and thoroughly thought out what the best might actually be, have they?

So have a fantastic Christmas One And All and I Will be back when I am back, Yes I know you want to know who the villain is but that would be telling and who genuinely likes spoilers, when they can be lead to solve the riddles and puzzles for themselves.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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