Can I Re Story Myself Into A Clean Bill Of Health

Yes Yes I know some of you think I have done health to death already but as awareness and understandings increase you can always shine a new light so to speak on issues that some folks take as forgone conclusions that are not necessarily forgone conclusions and I am aware that some of you have spoken or pointed to family members health that may need a little booster or pep talking about.

So first off I would like to thank those that took the time out of there Christmas to wish myself a merry Christmas and all that jazz and I hope you all got some of those items on those seemingly never ending wish lists.

So reflections on Health, I use the word reflections as it was mentioned I noticed by the Queen (Gord Bless You Ma’am) in her annual speech and not one to miss an opportunity I thought her talk on the Commonwealth and the idea of the commonwealth was one that we can all take on board to a certain extent.

So I previously spoke on Health and how you are your own mental World and your Hemispheres can be synchronized using the recommended technologies and as you progress into deeper levels and so on you will continue to get new shifts and new patterns coming up and so on some big some little but it is an ongoing process and some of us are seemingly affected in the extreme (myself perhaps) whilst others have not had to cope or deal with any great life hazards.

I also said that your place no not palace place of work might also be regarded as a living breathing organism, some understand what I meant others look on in bemusement thinking that this stuff is all la-di-da but that is for they themselves to deal with I moved on a long time ago on many things and return only to give a point of view if I feel it is necessary or experience or witness scenario’s that I can pep talk on.

So returning to the SPIRITUAL BODY theme, when you or anyone else for that matter gets a cold or virus so to speak all kinds of actions take place in your physical body and for those that are aware enough you can very often see reflections happening either in a conscious or non-conscious fashion in your external World.

One of the things that happens early on when the body is under viral attack (for instance) is that your body will produce or increase production of White Blood Cells and these are the blood cells (if you like) that carry the accumulated anti-bodies to virus’s that your immune system has built up over the years.  I believe Antibiotics are actually given to help with this kind of a natural body process hence the recommendations to let your own body deal with these things first.  Yet all to often we find that we have damaged our own systems with drink, drugs, smoking and so on that tend to leave our own immune system in a poor or shoddy form and the rush for the Antibiotics.

So a natural balance of bugs and germs and ailments is actually quite healthy for you and your physical body in many ways, (example it is estimated that once you have had a hundred colds, and have developed 100 kinds of antibodies, you can likely rapidly fight off most new mutations of common cold virus) we are all teeming with these things and having imbalances in the understanding of this can itself be counter-intuitive and counter-productive to good health, its like people who have obsessive compulsive disorders that require them to shower or bath multiple times a day, if that happens in your younger years, you are likely not producing the immune system for the environment that you will work rest and play in.  Yes you want to be clean perhaps but not in a obsessive way that leaves you open to not having your full all round health.

So in the metaphorical or allegorical World where I have focussed or concentrated my own teachings, this balancing act can be reflected perhaps in a business that has many nationalities working for it, having a broad variety of staff can give you a broad or wider ability in thinking strategies and alternate perspectives and points of view and good all round Company Health.

Likewise having a broad variety of staff but only having certain types of peoples in positions of influence and responsibility can be seen to be negative.

IE.  One Idea Is being preached whilst another is being practiced.

In my own working World I have seen a great deal of shift and change in “Some” areas of responsible positions and so on, yet as I mentioned previously there do seem to be glass ceilings for many folks in some areas and one has to question where they are coming from?  Who is creating the glass ceiling in this department or that department?  Is it actually an issue of some nationalities or sex or qualified folks being thrown breadcrumbs or is real change happening? Again I think some folks have non-conscious materials that they think they can politely stay quiet about that may well actually be highly detrimental to they themselves in the longer term.  Its like someone writing to a senior factory manager complaining of not getting job advancement, getting job advancement and then saying I myself have an attitude problem, yet I have consistently tried to work the appropriate system of applying for jobs on the Board as they themselves originally did so until advertised jobs are free of wheeler dealing and string pulling the underlying cause of business difficulties might be dragged on longer than is actually necessary.  If the people making the appointments cannot be trusted whether it be manager and HR in combination-other structures/strategies perhaps need to be brought into play-to screw the game playing up for everyone, lets ask the questions, how can I remove my own biases, how can I circumnavigate the best of enemies system that was causing the business to much pain.

We all need to get some 3 Monkey Systems Up and Running Perhaps or use the see know evil, speak no evil, hear no evil as a starting point to What-If-Up ah-ha ing it.

I have once again rambled on and on 

Thank you for reading and best of health to those that want it, God Bless and Be Well for yourselves and those that you LOVE! 🙂

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