So I decided To Have A Quick catch-up

So I decided to have a quick catch-up with some of my mail and found among them a new series of video presentations and report notes for new starters with Holosync-Bill giving us a sneek peek preview of new repetitions of materials, I had a quick look through to see what else I have previously missed and found amongst the mentioned names one Dr Mark Hyman MD.

So I went to my kindle emulator and did a quick search on this chap’s books and he is another kind of Dr Daniel Amen type figure.  The books are all quite cheap so I bought one and although I am currently digesting and integrating the material from my photo-reading session I thought I would make a note of it here because he does speak amongst other things of Detoxification a great deal-so he may be just what some of you are looking for in relation to health issues-if you have not progressed with Dr Amen or other medical recommendations made by Mr Harris.

In A While Crocodile 🙂

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