Yackety Yack the Empire Strikes Back


Okay so another brief sojourn on the health front-it is very easy for those of us that are grey carrying blood that makes us pink that we pretend to ourselves is white to think HELL YEAH White Blood Cells are the Bees Knees and so on-Unfortunately that is a huge huge massive falsehood and one to be wary of.  Your white blood cells are good in the basic function that they serve your body for-however it can be detrimental to your health to always have this high white blood cell count-it is akin to you being permanently in a firefighting mode and if the white blood cells are the firefighters then you could say that they are CHASING SHADOWS.  Far better for them to return to the firestation and rest and so on and so forth once in a while.  Many Health conditions and there respective hospital treatments are actually based around this concept, I am sure we have all met or heard of people who have gone to hospital where a devised treatment has been a toxicity cleansing process of some description.

I can mentioned my Daisy Diana story as an example where Daisy as a baby was on a machine called ECMO that served as a Heart and Lung Bypass (the machine carried out those pumping/cleaning blood duties) until she herself was strong enough for her own cardiovascular system to take over.

So you might say that my guidance or bringing folks into alignment with greater TRUTH is like bringing everyone down from a fire fighting mode to a place where (hopefully) sensible thought and action can once again prevail.

What else well I am in grazing mode to a certain extent as are a number of yourselves, by grazing I mean the constant snacking on all those buffet type foods that we accumulate during Christmas, the mince pies and Pig in a Blanket YES I KNOW WTFI Pig in a blanket well it was what I was offered and when I accepted found to be mini sausage wrapped in bacon, why oh why oh why cannot simple things be retained, what next,

would you like some bingo wings? I look forward to the recipe for that little thought?

Okay so I seem to be having to talk about ENERGY once again, according to the more enlightened Creation does not exist because all that is IS ENERGY and ENERGY merely goes through transitions, so we convince ourselves we have created this or that but really whatever it was that you thought you have done or are going to do is merely an ENERGY change of some description.

This is from the Jedah Mali type thinking whereby we are all SPIRITUAL beings or SOUL living a human existence, we often think we are humans with a Soul, but the higher teachers like to prove and demonstrate that it is in fact the other way around, SPIRIT ENERGY taking on Human form perhaps, it seems to myself the more I progress that they are speaking TRUTH and that TRUTH is what gives us our Freedom of Choice and enlightenment and Abundance and so on.

It does really seem that any progress of inner cleansing and so on brings you to the greater expansiveness and Universal thought position and that how far you follow any one given trail is personal choice and so on, I can point to perhaps 2 or 3 modalities out of perhaps a dozen (12) that I am likely to persevere with and see what else I can get bigger and better break through’s and shifts and so on with.

I had multiple books for Christmas that I have yet to read so I may well list them at a later date, as some of you yourselves are no doubt discovering the more you advance the more you find that nothing is not relevant everything contributes to your thoughts feelings actions inspirations in some form or another and how we feel and act in that knowledge and how we see the World shifts when we let go of the old non-conscious beliefs that hold us back or move into greater alignment with that word that we all need to ask the questions on WHAT IS TRUTH? CAN I BE TRUTH? and on and on

Thank you for reading, God bless and Be Well :-0

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