Once Again Finds Himself Thinking About Piracy

So to get myself  in the mood I decided to listen to one of my favourite pieces of music from the movies in recent years which I have after many searches managed to trace and track down.

This little tune is called HOIST THE COLOURS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yEHLJg9np0

So moving on Wow here we are on Saturday 28th December 2013 and I am now on HOLIDAY.

So what is on the cards for you today, he says to himself-well I go to my online Coral Account and I look to see where all the money is at on some of todays sporting events and I think to myself what a wonderful World.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_ZvZQT81OY

Yes there is definitely a feeling you get that some upset is going to happen and THIS COULD BE YOUR LUCKY DAY!

Yes Yes I know we have all heard such statements a million times before, but one of them has got to be lucky has it not?  Glass half full glass half empty you know what I mean.

So what else can I do to make this week go slower and slower and slower and longer and happier than it really ought to be-solutions of course are once again at the forefront of ones mind the solution to making a never-ending Holiday week last longer is just on the tip of my tongue-on the Horizon that never sleeps, c’mon work your way into consciousness that’s it I can feel you edging your way up the ladder, yes I shall have to spend some time meditating me thinks but til then


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