And The Winner Is

So of course we find ourselves at that time of year where we are bombarded with REVIEWS of the year and some kinds of awards ceremonies and highlights and so on and so forth-I found myself thinking about this subject a great deal because I do in many ways need to show gratitude to some of the people who have followed my writings through thick and thin in recent years. 

In doing so of course I might well cause them embarrassment and or discover that they are not followers of myself at all just merely in tune with the greater going on of it all themselves, so who might I choose as favourites, what categories should I create that best represents a particular group or constituency, or indeed what can I get away with that does not unmask some of the people who I might regard as superheroes for or to myself.

I think the easiest option in not naming names is to simply give categories and if you think that category fits yourself then you may well be the person to whom I am referring.





If you can convert the invisible ink lines you will see the nominations and respective winners and there will be know arguments, because I can only nominate and award those who have demonstrated levels of action and feedback and consistency beyond what is absolutely necessary.

Prize?, gold statuette?, doggie bag of goodies? Well bloody Hell you do not want much do ya, why not go and pester someone who shares those needs and wants for a prize and statuette and doggie bag of goodies, it is not like you had to dress up and give a tearful speech now is it-I could not have acted if it were not for the sacrifice of my parents, mum n dad, to my agent, to my publicist, to my faithful public ….

Oh all right, so I left the space blank but there are real genuine names and peoples I would write into the space, yes there are indeed, and not just for being best Mona or best Mongo or best Bongo either I came up will some truly splendiferous categories that will unfortunately probably never see the light of day.

If I could write a poem to award you for this dream, who would the nominations be beyond all reflections of thee, they seek me here they seek me there but never where I am at, the emperor and empress of a heart that is hidden in a hat.


Moving on

Another area that has crept up into conscious awareness recently is the need for escape that many folks have from what it is they think or interpret themselves as wanting to escape from, I know that you are reading these symbols that I have said many times over are representations, I mention this again because a book I recently whizzed through spoke on the very same subject, that the words in terms of actual percentiles account for just 7 per cent of communications from you, 7 per cent that means that 93 per cent of communication and respective cues are mostly non-conscious for many people or are very often misrepresented, I think non verbal communication was 53 per cent or 54 per cent and that other area somewhere around 40 per cent (%), that other area was in fact the way in which the words are conveyed-pitch tone, frequency and so on and so forth.

I say this because if I write some script type routine saying “right you bastard I am really fucked off” excuse the language, each of you in the readership will have converted and processed that line according to how your own brain system is set up, by that I mean that if you expect or think it was said harshly that is because that is how you process it, likewise if you expect or think it was said lightly that is because that is how you process it and so on and so forth.

If I had written “right you bastard I am really fucked off” and then given some other instruction such-as “heated” or “tame self reflection” or “mocking” or “laughingly” or any number of directional cues you would likely have sort to follow the cue-unless and this is a big UNLESS you are used to or have been used to someone acting and speaking one way and having possible harmful consequences after.  I say this because we do often see violent type people portrayed in this fashion whereby they talk mildly and softly and gently whilst the non-verbal body action (if you like) is extreme violence or lashing out and what have you.

So I hope those that took up the Meditation and so on can see that you can learn to let go of all of these kinds of things regardless of personal back history and take up the new cues and interpretations of folks and peoples that you actually do want, there does seem to always be a lag between setting out on a particular course and having the jigsaw pieces slot into place but with persistence and perseverance we have the capabilities to TRANSFORM YOUR WORLD

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Congratulations to those who won the awards I will be monitoring for acceptance speeches and as always be well 🙂

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