Thinks His Facebook May Have Been Hacked

Just to mention that I recently went on FB, I do not go on very often if I am honest, and I went through some mail that had been sent myself and had one dated 17/12/2013 where a notification of multiple peoples names, one or two of which I recognised

left the conversation

I have no idea what any of that means as I personally have never used the chat facilities always leaving them off, so have never been in a conversation, I have repeatedly said to folks that if you do not want myself on your list REMOVE ME, it is quite easy to do and I will not be offended given how infrequently I use Facebook anyway.

So if any offensive material has appeared through chat or other Facebook facilities reputedly being from myself, you can probably rest safe in the knowledge that I do not use those facilities and it was not myself.

I have a policy of only posting directly to the newsfeed on the odd occasion that I do go on FB.

that is all for now  TTFN 🙂

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